Best sweet cigars: Top Five

Understanding different flavor profiles is a great starting point when shopping for cigars you’re likely to enjoy. At JR Cigars you’ll find many different flavor profiles, from earthy and woody cigars, to alcohol-inspired creations with hints of whiskey and wine, to sweet and even fruity cigars.

The best sweet cigars will satisfy your sugar lust, but still offer plenty of balance and body. In this top five, you’ll find our pick of the best sweet cigars available from JR Cigars, all of which offer excellent value when you’re in the mood for a sweet and syrupy smoke.

Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly is a 5 x 56 stick that offers the very best of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos, with a San Andres Mexican EMS wrapper. Created by the innovative minds at Drew Estate, Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars use tobacco normally found in a pipe, rather than a cigar.

This is fire-cured in barns, giving it a smoky profile, like the tobacco equivalent of BBQ sauce. Sweet, nutty, with a hickory twist, it’s a great starting point if you have a sweet tooth.


Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars come in a long list of shapes and sizes, which you’ll find on sale at JR Cigars. These include:

  • Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky (4 x 46)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Exclusive Midnight Rambler (7 x 60)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly (5 x 56)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Flying Pig (4.12 x 60)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Hamhock (3.75 x 56)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Just A Friend (6 x 52)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Kyotos (5.5 x 34)
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Ponies (4 x 32)

Most vitolas ship in bundles of 10, with some available in tins of 10 and boxes of 25 aluminum tubes. Find your favorite at JR Cigars.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva is a 5-star box-pressed delight by the Garcia family. Nicaraguan puros with a Cuban-seed Mexican oscuro wrapper come in five different sizes, with full strength that holds steady from start to finish. Expect a flavor profile of spiced earth and cocoa, with a rich and creamy smoke that delivers sweetness on the retrohales.


From the 5.5 x 54 Maximo to the 6.87 x 50 Romantico, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva gives you several sizes to choose between, so you can savor its sweetness for as long as you prefer.

  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Beso (5.62 x 48)
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Divino (6.25 x 52)
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Maximo (5.5 x 54)
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Pomposo (6.5 x 60)
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Romantico (6.87 x 50)

With singles, packs of 5-10 and boxes of 24 all available from JR Cigars, you can try just one stick or fully stock your humidor with this sweet and creamy smoke.

Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60

Moving away from Nicaragua, Ashton Aged Maduro is a line of Dominican Republic sticks created by Ashton founder Robert Levin. With most vitolas identified by number rather than by name, we’ve picked out Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60 for this shortlist.

It’s a 7.5 x 52 Churchill with a Connecticut maduro wrapper and comes in a cedar presentation chest containing 25 cigars. The mellow to medium smoke is sweet, nutty and effortlessly delicious.


Ashton Aged Maduro’s vitolas are numbered rather than named, with the exception of the torpedo-shaped 6 x 52 Pyramid.

  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 10 (5 x 50)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 20 (5.5 x 44)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 30 (6.75 x 44)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 40 (6 x 50)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 50 (7 x 48)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 56 (6 x 56)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro No. 60 (7.5 x 52)
  • Ashton Aged Maduro Pyramid (6 x 52)

Buy Ashton Aged Maduro at JR Cigars and choose between singles, packs of 5, or those stunning cedar chests of 25 sticks each.

Brick House Maduro Robusto

You can’t beat a good Robusto when you want to reach for a medium-sized cigar, and Brick House Maduro Robusto is perfect for a sweet palate. Measuring in at 5 x 54, the dark maduro wrapper gives this cigar a richness of flavor balanced by sweet chocolate, caramel and dried fruit.

It’s a mature sweetness, not sugar candy, and the Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos are impeccably enhanced by the chewy Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper leaves. A Brick House Cigars triumph that draws on 125 years of JC Newman expertise.


Choose from several Brick House Maduro sizes at JR Cigars, including the vitola that lives up to its name, the 6.25 x 60 Brick House Maduro Mighty Mighty.

  • Brick House Maduro Mighty Mighty (6.25 x 60)
  • Brick House Maduro Robusto (5 x 54)
  • Brick House Maduro Toro (6 x 52)

Brick House Maduro is just one blend in the Brick House series. For more sweetness, try Brick House Double Connecticut for a flavor profile that includes coffee, cream and sweet cedar.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sungrown Epicure

Perdomo Cigars celebrated their 20th anniversary in style with a line-up of maduro and sungrown special editions. For our list we’ve chosen the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sungrown Epicure, a Nicaraguan puro with a bourbon-barrel-aged EMS wrapper.

Zesty fillers and a flavor profile of sweet spices and cedar are enough to satisfy your candy cravings, with great savings on packs of 5 and boxes of 24 when you shop at JR Cigars.


The full Perdomo 20th Anniversary line contains plenty of choice, both of size and of wrapper type.

With several gift sets available from JR Cigars – including a 5-stick Sungrown Epicure Gift Set – these cedar-sweet smokes make the perfect present for friends, family, or just to treat yourself to arguably Perdomo’s finest creation yet.

The post Best sweet cigars: Top Five first appeared on JR Blending Room.

The post Best sweet cigars: Top Five appeared first on JR Blending Room.

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