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Will the Media Ever Lose Its Sheen?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

USURP – u·surp Verb /yo?o?s?rp/ listen

Synonyms: verb: seize, appropriate

Take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force: Charlie usurped the CBS network

Take the place of (someone in a position of power) illegally, supplant: Charlie claims to be winning, ‘duh’ as he usurps former friend and CBS Executive Chuck Lorre

Encroach or infringe upon (someone’s rights): As Charlie usurps authority at CBS, everyone at Two and a Half Men has lost their jobs

charlie-sheen-wa-fedora-yankee-shirt-and-cigar-6635-1299497370-2It only took a world record earth quake, a violently devastating Tsunami, and a dictator murdering his own countrymen to usurp Charlie Sheen’s domination of all media on the planet earth. Now THAT is a man with some power.

Yes, in classic American media style, we the people have been officially Charlie Sheened to death, much in the same way we were at one time OJayed, Michael Jacksoned, and Tonya Hardinged to death. Once the mainstream media in this country sinks their blood thirsty fangs into a story, much like a pitbul’s gaping locked jaws, we the people are officially doomed, relegated to months on end of sensational bullshit and the yellowest of journalism. But it’s really our own fault as we eat this stuff up like Susan Boyle on a pile of buttered crumpets. Americans adore sensationalism as we are fascinated by the antics of ‘bad-boys’ and the twisting tons of debris produced by the proverbial train wreck.

stogie-smoker_552x829Charlie Sheen is an enigma’s idea of an enigma. The nastier and crazier he gets, the more we wrap our collective arms around him and spoon feed him the attention he craves. While he appears to be a belligerent sociopath with the physical resemblance of an extra from the movie Twilight, there is some sort of macabre brilliance happening in that Grey Goose induced, ganja rattled, brain. The man has countless millions in the bank, shares his bed with porn gals, party’s like a rock star, and has the media eating out of his hands. Instead of shunning this manipulative anarchist, we purchase tickets to his traveling road show, selling out Radio City Music Hall.

Did you happen to see the man’s walk-in humidor at his swank west coast pad? Sheen is a known cigar fanatic, and the contraband gracing that cedar lined tobacco room is enough to make me book a flight and keep the dude company for a few days (Damn, I’d even endure the porn stars if I had to.) If the execs at NBC had half a brain, they’d make him the next host of Saturday Nite Live, pissing off rival CBS while garnering the highest ratings in the history of the show. I have no doubt that Mr. Sheen would be at his very best. After all is said and done, it appears on the surface that this son of a bitch just really may be winning.

SheenCigarsSome of history’s most brilliant people have been maniacal nutjobs, a trait often associated with those who refuse to color within the lines. And while Charlie Sheen seems to be one toy short of a happy meal, it is becoming apparent that there is a definite method to his maddening psychosis. He appears to be in control of the world right now, but as we know, looks can be so deceiving. Even while nuclear reactors are threatening to spew toxic death into the air in Japan, we can’t go a single day without reliving the exploits of a guy who has displayed his own kind of meltdown, causing those within his reach, emotional pain, heartache, and loss of income. Charlie Jr. may think that he’s got it all figured out, but at what cost? He is without question a vindictively selfish bastard, traits that eventually will not bode well with friends, fans, and loved ones.

From John Belushi, to Jim Morrison, to Heath Ledger, we’ve seen many a beloved entertainer tragically succumb to the pressures associated with life in the spotlight, and of course, one has to wonder if Charlie Sheen’s train will eventually derail. But until then, the media will continue to feed us our daily heaping bowl of flakes and nuts from the man who truly believes he’s ahead on the scoreboard. But like in any game, time eventually runs out, hopefully not at the hands of sudden death.

charlie-sheen copyHey, I always liked Sheen, enjoyed his films, and love his TV show, and admittedly, the thought of partying with cool dudes and hot babes while smoking premium cigars and swilling the finest scotch sounds oh-so magical. With the power of the media and the internet, we the people have lived vicariously through the eyes and mind of this actor. And as long as shameless turds like me continue to report on his egotistical exploits, you the public will continue to be Charlie Sheened to death.

Til next week,


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