Cigars and Battling the Dog Days of Summer

For those who know me these past few years on this blog, I occasionally like to bitch about the weather – okay, more frequently than that, I’m sure… too freezing in the winter where I can’t feel my important parts let alone enjoy a premium hand rolled stick. Too damned hot in the summer where the humidity is brutal and there is nothing worse than smoking a smoldering hot cigar while simmering in your own natural juices. (Hey, I know reading that was gross, but the mental image is infinitely worse.)

Well, these past couple of weeks most of the U.S. has experienced the latter as the sky rocketing temperatures have sent our electric bills thru the roof. North Jersey has been an absolute scorcher where even at 10pm it’s been 87 degrees with 95% humidity – a climate not very conducive for enjoying your Punch, Partagas, Perdomo, Pepin, or Playboy! (Yeah, yeah… I know – you’re still trying to get passed that simmering in your juices thing)…

After several days with the outside oven set on broil, I finally gave it a go to smoke outdoors but the humidity was so high that not only would my cigar not stay lit, my iphone was even running in super slow motion as mother nature cast her flaming grip on anything and everything she could. But I was a trooper, battling the elements with a fierce determination to enjoy the pastime that I have grown to know and love. Several tankards of ice-cold refreshing liquids created from hops, malt, and barley seemed to help bring me back to life as well, praise the lord. People always argue whether they would rather be hot or cold, but for me, a nice 68 degrees all year round would really do the trick, (hello San Diego) as the stogies would be lit in succession day after day, not caring how much I smelled like a pile of burning leaves, and trust me, I’ve been told a lot worse.

And just so you know, I actually put in several calls to the Heat Miser to maybe get an inside scoop on when this nonsense was gonna stop, but all I got back from his publicist was the classic, “Hot enough for ya?” Lame Jack ass.

Hey, I don’t do a lot of shout outs, but I figured this one was not only appropriate, but educational too… from the pages of Wikipedia we give a big JR Cigar Blog thanks to the great Willis Carrier, who in 1902 invented the first modern electrical air conditioning unit n Buffalo, New York. After graduating from Cornell University, Carrier, a native of Angola, New York, found a job at the Buffalo Forge Company. While there, Carrier began experimenting with air conditioning as a way to solve an application problem for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn, New York, and the first “air conditioner,” designed and built in Buffalo by Carrier, began working on 17 July 1902. And may I just say that my entire massive cigar collection thanks you, sir Willis!

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