CIGARS to Make the Holidays Just Dandy!, by Tommy Zman

First of all, I never use the word “dandy” when I speak, but in this instance, I thought it worked nice in the title.

Okay, it’s officially the holiday season and I love cigars, yes, that’s a fact. If you want a fun read on the subject, make sure to take a look at my column (What Really Roasts My Robusto) in the brandy-new, JR Holiday Catalog. It’s my official 2012 Holiday Rant, entitled: The Good, the Bad, and the Smoky. Basically what it all boils down to is that I used to love the holidays and enjoyed them to the fullest. But I think I’ve joined the masses in a collective Scrooge encrusted mindset that the holidays have become, for lack of a better term, a big pain in my roasting chestnuts.

Newsflash to my wife… EVERY kiss does NOT begin with Kay and NO, he DID NOT go to Jared! Instead he paid the freakin mortgage and bought you a new robe ‘cause the one you got is lookin’ a tad ratty… ho, ho, ho. All right, add a pinch of Grinch to my Scrooginess, but it’s not supposed to be all about getting expensive gifts, dammit! I mean every time I see that commercial with the humongous red bow on top of the Christmas morning Lexus, I fire out the obscenities sounding like Tony Soprano giving some cretin a Jersey-style beatdown.  ENOUGH already, will ya!

Okay, I know, I’ve gotta calm down… and luckily there IS an amazing relaxer known to the world as the premium hand rolled cigar. And guys, NOTHING is more wonderful than before – during – or after a sumptuous holiday meal than to spark up a good cigar and let all the trials and tribulations that the world delivers just blow the hell away!

Now, speaking of cigars and the Holidays, I believe that the new JR Cigars Holiday Catalog has 110 additional pages on top of my loud and leafy rant. There is so much tobacco-laden goodness in between those glossy color pages that your head is guaranteed to spin – but trust me, that’s a good thing. Yeah, I know, I’ve turned this into a shill, but hey, it’s not beneath me, especially since they actually pay me to spout my smoke-filled insanity (seriously, can you imagine that.)

What’s truly great about the new holiday offering is that there’s not only all the great standbys like Partagas, Punch, Cohiba, Macanudo, Hoyo, Fuente, Romeo y Julieta, Dunhill, and Montecristo… but there’s a bounty of new comers, some of the hottest smokes in the industry like My father, Rocky Patel, CAO, La Aroma de Cuba, NUB, Cain, Alec Bradley, Don Pepin, Omar Ortez, La Flor Dominica, La Aurora 107, and San Cristobal… WHEW! Now if that didn’t get your heart racin’, blood pumpin’, and the salivation glands in full gear, I think you’d better check your pulse, my friend.

So as you recover from the Thanksgiving gorgefest and shovel down the leftovers like a guy who’s never eaten a meal before in his life, make sure to enjoy those special holiday smokes. And if you didn’t get your JR Catalog in the mail – FILLED with SPECIALS you can only receive this time of year – CLICK this LINK for a free pdf download of all 112 pages along with ten zillion photos of sweet & luscious cigars! >

Give the gift that keeps on smoking and tell ‘em Zman sent you. Okay, don’t tell them that because they really won’t care and who can blame ‘em?

May the holiday’s begin & smokem cuz ya gottem!


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