Falto Lonsdale

The Falto Lonsdale has the exact same blend as the Robusto. The obvious and only difference is in the size. When Luis Falto offered to send me some cigars to try, I graciously accepted. It wasn’t long before a big box arrived. Inside were samples of every line of cigars he offers. Looks like I have some reviewing to do! I paired this cigar with water, so lets see how this compares to the robusto size.


Wrapper: Sumatra (Indonesia)

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: Lonsdale 6.5 x 42

Price: $6.80 at Bonita Smoke Shop


Pre-smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had a semi-rugged look to it, with small to medium veins and some bumbs and blotches. The odor off of the wrapper was barnyard. The foot had the same smell, with a touch of earthiness. The cigar was evenly packed and hard to the touch. As is common in smaller ring gauge cigars, the draw was a little stiff. It wasn’t over the top and fell just within my tolerances. The pre-light draw had notes of cedar and slight earth.

The burn required a couple minor touch up’s in the first third, and the ash held for an inch.



Much like the robusto, the first third opened up with smooth, mellow woody flavors. There was a very slight spicy note when passing smoke through the nose. It was so subtle that you could easily miss it. As this third came to a close, the pepper increased ever so slightly in strength. The aftertaste had a tinge of earthy creaminess.


Like the first third, the second third had dominant woody flavors. The spice remained mellow, and a nice sweetness entered the picture. The sweet flavor resembled mocha or chocolate, but didn’t quite reach that level. Earthy notes were in the background.


The last third crept a little higher in body, but remained in the medium range. That dominant woody flavor remained, and the sweetness developed into a mocha/chocolaty flavor. I had to really pay attention to the sweetness, or I would have missed the mocha/chocolaty notes within. Passing smoke through the sinus revealed a nice sweet peppery spice that had a little kick. The smoke feel became creamier and coated the mouth. Smoke volume increased as well.



Like the Robusto size, this was a good medium bodied cigar. There wasn’t much difference in flavor when compared to the robusto. It basically boils down to what you’d prefer, a robusto or lonsdale. Personally, I would prefer the robusto. Whatever you choose, I think this cigar is worth trying for sure. Thanks again to Luis for sending me these sticks to review.

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