It’s My Cigar-Blogging Annversario!

bl4First off, how about starting with a sincere congrats to Tommy Z and the good people here at JR as this marks the 3rd Anniversary of JR Cigars Blog with the Zman!!! Yeah, that’s right, I have been poisoning your weekly reading for 36 straight months now and it really is a beautiful thing for one and all!

I’m going to go back to a blog I wrote very early on in the first few months of its existence about my frustration with the local McDonalds here in my town in north Jersey. I ranted on about the fact that the ladies who worked there barely spoke a word of English and just ordering at the drive-thru was like being a real live part of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine. Now I can assure you, it is NOTHING at all against Hispanic people. Being in the cigar industry, the Hispanic folks I have met are some of the warmest and most wonderful peeps on the face of the earth. Their culture puts a high regard on family and friends while making even gringos like me are an important part of their universe.

MCDONALDS-COFFEE-largeSince that time, three years ago, the ladies have gained a better grasp of the native language and all has been honky Dory as my occasional breakfast orders have been just peachy. So, fast-forward to today. I just happen to really like the taste of siglo-x-limited-reserve-5McDonalds coffee and I’ll forgo the convenience of the local deli (whose java could be confused for soapy dish water) and wait on a line of ten friggin cars for some premium McD’s roasted beans. I know this is gonna be a serious wait, so I break out a Siglo Limited Reserve robusto and spark up what you might refer to as a real happy meal! Ah, Nicaraguan and Dominican filler with that rich Sumatra wrapper is toastier than a buttered croissant, as aged tobacco aroma permeates the morning air. I can tell by the faces being made from the soccer-mom sow in the Suburban behind me, that there isn’t great appreciation for my smoky stick, but  tough mierde, I say, as God created the “up” button on power windows for a reason.

As 15 minutes or so draws past, and my car only two from the drive-thru, there is a knock on my window. I turn my head to see that it’s one of the woman from the store, apparently outside on her break. Okay…am I gonna catch shit for smoking? Um… no… quite the contrary.

“Amigo, that see-gar, eet smells so gooood!”, she says with a big smile on her face. “Everyone inside can smell eet and wee weesh you could come een-isde and smoke!”

Alright… you and I know quite well that this kind of shit just doesn’t happen anymore. In a world full of namby-pamby, politically correct do-gooders, it is rare to find someone who doesn’t condemn you to hell for exuding your love for premium long-filler tobacco. She tells me that she is indeed Cuban and works with another Cuban friend and two gals from Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

“Gracias!”,  I said with sheer fervor, as the gal who once butchered my orders was now my new bestest pal!

1c7f7e8964f5bad69b0957c8fd73e797_resizedAs I pull the car up to the window, three smiling amigas stick their heads out to catch a whiff of my fragrant stogie and tell me that they have been enjoying the aroma for the past twenty minutes. (Wow, this is like a dream for a guy who usually gets brow beaten by the aggressive pricks of the world who feel they know what is best for my life.) So after they hand me my coffee, I take a big old billowing puff and blow it into the drive-thru window as the ladies let out a belly-laugh. I’m sure the patrons inside weren’t too fond of getting a taste of Nicaragua with their Egg McMoofins, but it was worth it seeing these ladies so giddy and happy on their job!

So. a very wonderful experience was had by me this morning, and all just in time to commemorate the glorious anniversary of JR Cigar Blog with the Zman! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to any day! Smoke ‘em cuz ya gottem my brutha’s and sistas of the leaf!

And you have a good one, too, comprende?

Tommy Z.

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