Keep the FDA out of the cigar industry

If you smoke cigars, or even a small fan of them, take a moment and read on!

The cigar industry needs your help to exempt premium cigars from FDA regulation. H.R. 1639 / Senate Bill 1461 has been filed.  This legislation would decree that premium/traditional cigars should be off limits to FDA regulation.

Let’s face it, cigars have little in common with cigarettes, and we need to keep it that way. Should cigars fall under FDA regulation, the industry would be gone as we know it. What is their biggest ammo against cigars? Kids. Cigars are in no way marketed towards children. I believe protecting children should fall on the shoulders of those who chose to not use contraceptives. I am sick of protecting the children of lazy parents… But back to the topic at hand.

Some likely scenarios of FDA regulation are:

Regulate cigars in the same way that they regulate cigarettes.

Say goodbye to your premium cigars. The days of browsing the humidor would be gone.

No more cigar events.

You’ll have to ask for cigars behind the counter just like cigarettes at 7-11.

Blends would have to be FDA approved – No more flavor.

New taxes would be implemented to finance regulation. You thought SCHIP was bad.

Who know what else they’ll come up with. Their imagination is the limit.


How can you help? Cigar Rights of America has made it easy for you to pitch in. They have a link to a form that will take you minutes to fill out. OR you can print out this PDF and fax it. It’s that easy.

The FDA is corrupt and fascist, like many branches of government. They are owned by special interest lobbyists and corporations. What happened to “For the people?” Do you need government to help you protect yourself from yourself by limiting your choices? You’d think they have bigger things to worry about than a small niche market. Such is not the case. Let’s try to keep this one small pleasure intact! While the war on the middle class wages on, I want to at least be able to enjoy a cigar!

Take 5 minutes out of your life and pitch in, we’ve got nothing to lose…

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