Merry Christmas by Frank Seltzer


If you are still stumped for presents, know that Ashton’s  new stronger La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva has finally hit store shelves.  The cigars are distributed by Ashton of Philadelphia and made by My Father Cigars—Pepin  and Jaime Garcia.  The reserva is a stronger and richer version of the popular Mi Amor line of La Aroma.  The wrapper is a very dark Cuban-seed leaf grown in Mexico while the fillers and binder are from Nicaragua.  It comes in four sizes—the Beso measuring 5.62” x 48, the Divino at 6.35” x52, the Maximo 5.5” x 54 and the Romantico 6.87” x 50.  The MSRP for the Reserva line is $8.50 to just under $10.  Of course, you KNOW where you can get them below MSRP.  Right?

Bye Bye Ban

Now here is a little gift for the holidays. On January first, one of Indiana’s strictest smoking bans was supposed to go into effect in Johnson county just south of Indianapolis.  But now it won’t.  The county commissioners voted in November  unanimously to ban smoking in all bars, restaurants, businesses, hotels and private clubs.  According to the article:


Commissioner Troy DeHart said [the decision]faced little opposition when it was originally proposed.

“I just don’t think that anybody really paid attention to it,” DeHart said. “The opposition wasn’t there.”


But people did pay attention as word got out and complaints came in prompting the commissioners to repeal what they did.


DeHart said he voted for the ban the first time around because of the adverse health affects smoking and secondhand smoke can have on the human body. But, he said, people have a choice whether they want to be exposed to smoke.

“I felt like we really infringed upon what this country was founded on. It’s not an issue of not smoking or smoking, it’s a loss of freedom,” he said. “I humbly said it more than once that I felt I made a mistake. I will stick to my guns. I made that mistake.”


Alas DeHart leaves the county commissioners this month as a new group comes in and they may try to revisit this issue.  It is why we must stay vigiliant.


Smoking Helps Joints

No this does not have to do with the new marijuiana laws, although I do find it interesting that the states now allowing people to light up joints, still freak out if a person lights up tobacco.  Hmmm, one is legal and the other, well quasi legal. Anyhow, not sure of this Doctor’s story, it could be a simply scam, but it is on the Internet so it must be true.


Anyway, this doctor cites an Australian study in which :

Researchers looked at data on 11,388 senior Australian men who were tracked for roughly a decade, and found that the heaviest smokers — those who had been puffing away for 48 years or more — were up to 51 percent less likely to need a total joint replacement than men who had never smoked.


So was it because the smokers were not obese?  They didn’t vigorously exercise? Didn’t live as long as non-smokers?  Apparently not.


Researchers adjusted for these and other factors — and came to the inescapable conclusion that the nicotine itself protects the joints.


What do ya know.


Two papers in one


UK Telegraph picture

Ok so sometimes conflicting research can get confusing.  Really?  Yeah.  Take the UK Telegraph for example.  In March of this year, beneath this lovely photo is a scary article saying :


“A review of research on alcohol and breast cancer has found that just one drink a day can increase the risk of breast cancer by five per cent.

Women drinking ‘heavily’ by having three or more drinks a day are up to 50 per cent more likely to develop breast cancer than those who abstain, it was found.

It could mean that thousands of cases of breast cancer in Britain each year are caused by alcohol.”


This is scary for women…and like the smoking Nazis…guess you had better not drink at all…  Oh wait.  The same newspaper, using the same photo just last month says if you HAVE breast cancer, drink up.


Those who drink a medium-sized (175ml) glass a day cut their chance of dying within a decade of diagnosis by a fifth – from 20 to 16 per cent, say Cambridge University doctors.

Even drinking half that cut the chance to 18 per cent, they found.

Dr Paul Pharoah, from the university’s department of public health and primary care, told  The Times that their findings suggested women should not deny themselves the odd drink.

He said: “What our study says is that it is reasonable, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, to enjoy the occasional drink of alcohol.


So as Chris Snowdon putsit, if yu want to avoid breast cancer don’t drink, but if you do get breast cancer, then drink up.  It is like Homer Simpson says

To Alcohol the cause and cure

Have a Merry Christmas.

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