Our CIGARS Will NOT Fall Prey to the Nanny State, by Tommy Zman

To all of the politically correct, smoke nazi, tax raising, self righteous, freedom hating, nanny-stater, Orwellian, big brother, bureaucratic, moralist, save us from ourselves do-gooders… will you do me a favor and PLEASE just leave us cigar smokers the hell alone!

We just want to enjoy the leafy goodness that hails from Latin America because it makes us feel good, it helps us to relax, we bond with good friends over our smokes, and the last time I checked, cigars are STILL a legal product in these here United States of America. But the tag line, “Land of the free” is sure being jerked around and crapped on by the intolerant turds who think it’s just fine and dandy to tell other people how they should live their lives. They want to tell us what’s best for us, and the last time I checked, those were the traits found in communist countries and socialist dictatorships.

Okay, I’m a little riled up today… all right, who am I kidding, I’m friggin pissed because there are people out there who are trampling all over our rights as Americans, and a bunch of those tight-asses hold positions in high places, and THAT is a scary thing. And this is why I am GLAD as all hell that an organization like > Cigar Rights of America is standing up for this industry, defending our right to enjoy a product that we love and is an important part of many of our personal lifestyles.

I’ve had the honor and the pleasure to sit and talk with Glynn Loope, the executive director of the CRA on a few occasions and while the man has his work cut out for him, he is just relentless for the cause and there couldn’t be a better guy to be out in the streets, fighting the good fight.

CRA has helped to introduce two very important bills into legislation that need the support of the congress and senate. To date, 219 congressman have signed on to sponsor the bill along with 13 members of the senate. What’s really cool is that this is truly an honest to goodness bipartisan effort, the way all forms of government should actually work. There are those who have signed on that don’t even smoke, but recognize the importance of upholding freedom and a person’s right to choose. And the big number to look at here is that the CRA has rallied up 199,535 signatures from citizens like you and I, letting the government know loud and clear that we do NOT want the FDA acting as nannies over an industry that employs over 80,000 people in a terribly fragile economy. We do NOT want our beloved cigars messed with and taxed even more than they are right now.

One great victory came this past week when a Federal judge SHOT down the FDA for good in their appeal to force tobacco companies into placing grotesque images of disease and death on cigarette packages, images that were over the top and in the massive minority of heath related causes by tobacco. Its hard to believe, but in this case common sense most certainly prevailed. And it good news because if the FDA had succeeded, there is no doubt that cigars would be the next target on their hit list.

Wow, I think sometimes this blog is a cathartic experience for me, allowing me to vent to a group of good people who all “get it” and are tired of being dumped on by the biased and bigoted fanatics who will not stop until there is total tobacco genocide.

So, my brothers in premium-aged leafiness, let’s all hold steady, stand our grounds and fight for what we believe in. I ask you to please support Cigars Rights of America and all that they do. Now listen… if you haven’t signed the petition, > CLICK this LINK and it’ll take only a moment or two, because at this time we’re just 465 signatures shy of the 200,000 mark. And if you’re not a member of the CRA, and if cigars are really THAT important to you, it’s time to join the fight!

Hey, wow… I feel a lot better now. Thanks for listening, smoke ‘em cuz ya gottem, and let freedom ring. I’m Tommy Zman and you’re damned right that I approve this message.


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