Post Turkey Day by Tommy Zman

So Turkey Day has come and gone again and now we’re only a few weeks from Christmas. Good Lord, will somebody slow down this runaway freight train we call life! Now if you’re anything like me – which is a scary thought, indeed – you’ve been eating like a deranged sociopath from Thanksgiving Thursday and right on through leftover heaven. Desserts have become part of the norm and pretty soon you will be wheeled around on a hand truck wherever you go.

While my caloric intake has climbed to a higher stratosphere, I’ve also been smoking my cigars like a herfer possessed. I really don’t know what the hell it is about this time of year, but I always ramp up my stogie intake and enjoy the absolute hell out of it! Maybe with this eclectic mix of rich food and drink, my palate is yearning for even more flavor and nothing can satisfy me like a good premium hand rolled smoke. Or maybe I’m just an excessive fat bastid with zero self-control? Probably a whole lot of both.

It’s weird but I really have been craving cigars much more than normal. Even in the summer I do one a day during the week and two or three each of the weekend days, but since Turkey Day, I’m cranking up like 3 a day. In the morning I’m going mild to medium, maybe something like an Alec Bradley American Classic. After lunch I’ll have a robusto in the medium to full range like a tasty Oliva Cain, and then after dinner I just have to spark up a full bodied beast like an AJ Fernandez San Lotano Oval (a smoke that is flavorful beyond comprehension.)

While I am truly enjoying my total cigar smoking love fest, my wife, who has always loathed the leaf, keeps reminding me that I stink like a smoldering ash can. I keep reminding her that some chicks really dig that, but when she asks who, I conveniently change the subject. It’s just wonderful being in the cigar biz while having a wife that can’t stand the smell of ‘em. My smoky cross to bear in life.

So, now with Christmas on the way and a rash of holiday parties to be attended and a mountain of fattening foods to be devoured, the cigar smoking will no doubt continue at a torrid pace. And if you just take a look at the JR website, you’ll be blown away like I am at the spectacular pleathora of choices! There’s not only all the great standbys like Partagas, Punch, Cohiba, Macanudo, Hoyo, Fuente, Romeo y Julieta, Dunhill, and Montecristo… but there’s a bounty of new comers, some of the hottest smokes in the industry like My Father, Rocky Patel, CAO, La Aroma de Cuba, NUB, Cain, Alec Bradley, Don Pepin, Omar Ortez, La Flor Dominica, La Aurora 107, and San Cristobal! This is cigar madness, my friends, but if I’m going to lose my marbles, it’s going to be at the mercy of master blenders and the torcedors of Latin America.

Now if I may shill for just a brief moment or three, do you have any idea what a magnificent place JR is for Holiday Gifts… including cigars and accessories for yourself?! Oh, you say you knew that? Okay, just had to make sure, never can tell who’s asleep out there.

So that’s it for this week as I promise to eat, drink, and smoke like a holiday whack job possessed. Hey, you enjoy, huh…

I urge you to PLEASE SUPPORT Cigar Rights of America as they continue to deal with congress, the senate, and all US legislators who need to be made aware that our cigars are the best friends we know of and we will fight like hell to keep them in our lives! >>

As always, stay smoky my friends,


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