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I now give you the short version of the announcers commentary for this past weekend’s Master’s Open Golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia…

-1Tiger Woods… Tiger… Tiger… Elin… Tiger… Mistress… Earl Woods… Phil Mickelson… Tiger… Par…Tiger Woods… Mickelson’s wife… Cancer… Tiger Woods… Tiger… Birdie… Tiger… Tiger Woods… Eleven Under… Tiger… Tiger… Earl Woods Commercial… Nike… Mickelson’s wife… Cancer… Tiger… Tiger… 3 Putt… Elin Nordegren… Bogie… Phil Mickelson… Mickelson’s wife… Cancer… Tiger… Tiger Woods… Eagle… Phil Mickelson’s wife… Cancer… Nike… Tiger… Tiger… Mickelson cartoon_tiger_woodswins… Tiger Woods… Tiger.

The media is always brutal at beating a story to death, but the Tiger tale (tail?) is a non-stop circus act, complete with jiggling bimbos, a raging Nordic hottie, and a deceased family member giving lil’ Tiger a rump reaming. If you ask me, Woods, the PGA, and Nike are all whores, getting into bed with one another while orchestrating the admonishment of the prowling cat. I usually love to watch the Masters, but this year I couldn’t stomach 24/7 coverage of the rabbit toothed, Asian/Black/American Indian/ White golfer.

Rescue InkThis Wednesday will be a cool gig for your friendly neighborhood Zman as I interview some awesome brothers for Cigar Magazine. Not too long ago a reality show called Rescue Ink was on the National Geographic Channel, featuring a group of born and bred, tattooed, New York tough-guys, who rescue abused and abandoned animals throughout the Big Apple. I’ll be hanging with Joey Panz and Big Ant over at Club Macanudo down by central Park South in Manhattan, smoking, eating, drinking and getting macanudo-loungedown with a manly-man interview. No, it don’t really suck to be me. Hey, wonder if the boys could help rescue Tiger Woods? A big thanks to Victoria McKee at General Cigar for having us at Club Mac. I have personally hung there for years and it is a quintessential must stop when exploring the isle of Manhattan. The ambiance is just gorgeous and the food is excellent. There’s not too many places left to enjoy a cigar in New York City, and Club Macanudo is a well-deserved rest stop for any lover of the leaf.

geoff_pinkusHey… did you guys know that I love cigars? No, really… were you aware? Well, last night I was a guest on WIND Radio in Chicago on Livin’ Large with Geoff Pinkus. Geoff is a real Man’s Man whose 2-hour Sunday night guy-fest features cigar talk and all kinds of testosterone laden goodness. It was nice of him to introduce me to his audience as a feature writer for Cigar Magazine and the JR Blog Meister General, as we b.s.’d about our love for premium stoags and finely aged COUGAR mamas. The Pinker (as he’s affectionately known) is so enamored with the lore of the leaf, that he even has Gurkha making him his very own Pinker Gurkha – a girthy smoke, measuring in at a hefty 6 x 60. We are truly like brothers from another mother and hopefully I’ll be infesting the Illinois airwaves on a frequent basis! His website is great, and features live streaming of his show as well as past recorded shows. I highly recommend checking out his entertaining brand of manly-man bravado. Just great stuff.

7_macanudo-1968Well, the beauteous weather this weekend (70 here yesterday in north Jersey) allowed me partake in a bevy of tobacco goodness. After much lawn work, rest time beckoned for a puff of the good stuff, and I just enjoyed the hell out of an El Rey Del Mundo Olvidados torpedo, right down to the ol’ nub-a-roo. Before dinner, I downed a Gurkha Legend, and after a pork chop barbecue, a rich, full bodied Macanudo 1968 hit the spot so well (I really do love that cigar. God bless the great Daniel Nunez!) Holy damn, I’m hungry again and I need a good smoke. The story of my life.

Hey… it’s nice out again today… SPRING IS HERE and after that brutal winter, I’m going to smoke cigars like a maniacal tobacco wacko. Of course my wife won’t let me anywhere near the bedroom, but sometimes you’ve gotta stand up for what you believe in. I know… I have no morals or common sense, whatsoever.

So that’s the scoop for this week. Take care my Brothers of the Leafy Goodness,

Tommy Z.

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