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onion_magazine_weekender_facebook_mark_zuckerbergA few years ago, the web phenom, My Space began and it was all the rage. Like many, I started my own page, but soon found out that this fashionable forum was mainly for teenagers and horny pervs. It gave people a chance to basically have their own intenet portal, and communicate with friends, discreetly, via the web. But the messages I got on a daily basis were from dopey kids, half backed retards, and skanks who wanted to talk dirty for $65 an hour. It didn’t help my business dealings as I had hoped, and I stopped using it. I still have a My Space page but haven’t visited it in well over a year or so.

Then some brainy, baby-faced, Jewish kid from Harvard invented a thing called Facebook. He’s now the richest person in the world under the age of 25 and his estimate worth is right around a billion dollars.

facebook-shirtIt took me a while to join Facebook, along with a lot of coaxing from friends, including my buddy, author, Larry Winget. He kept telling me how great it was for business networking and I could really drive a lot of traffic to my website. Others said I would connect with long lost friends, relatives, and other interesting folks of the world. I was reluctant – basically because I’m not a conformist who jumps on bandwagons and rides the trends that happen to be the flavor of the day. After much procrastination, I finally signed up and found it to actually be enjoyable. Several honeys from high school looked me up and they’re hotter than ever! Okay, there’s a few fatties that didn’t age so well, but they’re all good people and nice to hear from. (Plus, I found another 8 Tom Zarzecki’s. Whould think it?)

Many of the guys I yak with on cigar forums and such, have Facebook pages, so I get to know a little more about them and talk more one on one. Plus, I get to get my cojones broken from members of THIS cigarsmoker_hforum, over there, including Darren From Detroit, Lucie, Brian B, Maduroman, Madfermaduro, RL7, and Cotty. If you have a specialized interest or hobby, you can connect with tons of like minded goons, as I did with the stogie-sucking crowd. (But be ready to receive 12,000 annoying requests to join Mafia Wars.)

maroon-squatBut I really have to admit that Larry was right, Facebook has been a great networking device for my website. Social marketing is king right now and connecting with my fan base and potential fan base has been greatly enhanced. I have over 500 friends, and that means every time I post something new on my page, like a new article I’ve written, those 500 plus people get to hear about it. And it’s been great hearing from people that either read my stuff in Cigar Magazine or on my site, as well as turning new people onto my stuff. Larry Winget has close to 3,000 fans, which is has helped him immensely.

twitter-addictsNow if, you’re not the social type, then Facebook definitely isn’t for you. And God help you, because then Twitter REALLY isn’t for you. Many have joined Twitter, but I completely loathe this pablum puking piece of retard techno-drivel. It gained huge popularity when Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to see who could reach a million fans first. Kutcher won, appeared on Larry King, and I sat there saying, “Big f@#king deal.” If your not familiar with it, Twitter is a gross misuse of technology, a narcissistic social web toy created for people suffering from chronic boredom. “Jack is on his way to Shoetown… Gary is applying balm on his corns… Janice is thinking of feta cheese… Charlie is rubbing one out to Cosmo.” Twitter allows you to send inane messages containing no more than 140 characters to any mindless stooge who feels the obligation to follow your every waking move. Many use it to keep tabs on the rich and famous… Oprah Winfrey is thinking of buying Canada… Mylie Cyrus doesn’t believe she’s a talentless media creation… Tommy Lee just punched the pool boy… Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass was just given it’s own zip code… Mike Tyson learned the difference between vowels and consonants this morning. I can’t stomach the thought of Twittering my life away, and it’s really nobody’s goddamned business what movie I’m watching, food I’m devouring, or bathroom I’m defiling. So…Tweet THIS.

raquel-welchBetween chat forums, web boards, blogs, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Linkedin, and the rest of the social stratosphere, I’m wondering if anyone is actually doing any friggin’ work, anymore. I know if you’re reading this, then you’re not… but hey, that’s a good thing.

So look me up on Facebook. I’m the one with the beer and the cigar and the shit-eating grin… Graduated from West Milford High in New Jersey in ’77, likes the color green, played hockey for the New Jersey Rockets, the 1978, US Junior B National Champions, and enjoys a COUGAR or two.

Until Next Week,
Socially Yours,

Tommy Z.

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