Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Wonderful Fire

It’s hard to explain, but there is something incredibly primordial about making a fire. The ritual dates back to the dawn of man and even though the Cromagnons didn’t have chiminea’s and Duraflame starter logs, not a whole lot has really changed over the course of a million years.

firepitLast night I was called by the wild to start a fire in the small metal pit I have on my back patio. There are woods 30 feet from the side of my house so finding adequate firewood takes all of five minutes. My 14 year-old son officially has his man card, and loves to trudge through the foliage and find logs and kindling for the blaze. And damn, he loves starting the fire as well. I’m pretty sure I was exactly the same at his age, except we didn’t have laser lighters back then. I think all men are really pyromaniacs at heart.

frankllanezaI taught my little dude (who is my height already) how to build a pyramid with the smaller sticks and I have him trained well as I can’t even get near the thing, now. So as he began to stoke up the flames, I cracked open a bottle of Balvenie Double Wood and of course you knew that it was accompanied by a great cigar. And great this stogie was, the new Frank Llaneza 1961. Guys… I kid you not… this cigar is spectacular. The Sumatra wrapper is a dark chocolate brown, oily and supple, and the construction is flawless. Definitely a woody and cedary smoke that I’d say is in the medium bodied range, but builds as you smoke the bastid. Just so delicious and enjoyable.

IMG_0480Let me ask, what in the name of our maker is more relaxing than sitting in front of a roaring blaze with a good drink, a great cigar and the kid that you love with all of your heart? As I sat there staring into the darting, colorful flames, I had one of those feelings come over me where I was thankful for all I had and so glad to be alive. As I sat back in my chair, my kid would poke the burning wood with amazing intent. Every few minutes he’d turn his head back to get my nod of approval, as I would just grunt like a cave creature and motion with my hand to go get more wood. He’d run into the woods, come out with a new batch a few minutes later and continue to tend to his creation.

fire-pit-barbecue-woodBut like all kids his age, the text messages were coming in at rapid pace and it was time to leave dad alone to finish off his cigar as the once roaring blaze dwindled into a magical pile of glowing red embers. What a solemn feeling and so wonderfully mesmerizing to stare at and if I could just go to sleep right there without freezing to death, I certainly would.

You know, I don’t do that enough, and the time is now, up here in North Jersey, before it gets too damned cold. Damn… I believe tonight is another fine time for a fire. Who’s coming over to join me?

Have a great week, my peeps and smoke ‘em cuz ya gottem.

Tommy Z.

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