2010… A Smokin’ Look Back

Picture 12The years are flying by at a breakneck speed as my children grow older and I have to pee more often. I still love my cigars and enjoyed them more than ever this past year, but that won’t happen today as a blizzard hit the north east, dumping several feet of snow on us and throwing in some whipping winds to boot. The town plow finally decided to show up at 10am and not a soul could get out of our street if they wanted to.

Okay, that’s enough of my whiny bitching, let’s a little look back at the past 12 months…

January -  That awful Haiti earthquake struck. Not a very fond memory.

beaver_300-790929FebruaryThe New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. I hardly recall the Winter Olympics being this year, but they were, as the U.S. led with 37 gold medals, the Flying Tomato flew, the Americans lost in an overtime heartbreaker in ice hockey, scaring the living crap out of the cocky Canadians, and gigantic blow-up beavers graced the ceremonies in Vancouver. BTW, they were actually sold on EBAY, I kid you not.

TERMINATOR 3 PREMIEREMarch – The movie Avatar thrilled us movie goers after James Cameron waited ten years to make the movie he could finally make – Dancin’ With Wolves meets the Blue Man Group.

bp-oil-spill2April – A little  known oil company named B.P. kind of f@#ked up pretty good. Then there was that crazy volcano that canceled people’s flights to and from Europe.

0002874609-01-1_03-22-2010May – One of the greatest pioneers of modern day cigar making passed away, as the legendary Frank LLaneza left a legacy of premium hand rolled cigars that will never be forgotten. Bless you, Frank. Gary Coleman said, “What chu talikin’ ’bout Willis?!” for the very last time.

June – Jobless rates hit an all-time high in the U.S. as “CHANGE” is about all we have left in out pockets. The Chicago Black Hawks win their first Stanley Cup in half a century. The Los Angeles Lakers take the NBA title.

July – Spain wins the World Cup of soccer in dramatic fashion. Horrifyingly annoying horns known as vuvuzelas are then outlawed forever from anywhere human beings might dwell.

August – The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers show introduced a bevy of new brands to the cigar industry in New Orleans, Louisiana.

September – The San Fransisco Giants and long-haired freak, Tim Lincecum take the World Series.

October – Thirty-three Chilean miners were rescued after 2 months of being trapped under ground and one dude was forced to tell his wife about his mistress. Those zany Chileans, I tell ya.

November – North Korea gets all all bully-like on South Korea as Kim Jong-Il fails to realize he looks like a raging queen in those glasses. Nancy Pelosi learned a new phrase: “You want fries with that?”

December – The moron who did all of the Wiki Leaks damage is arrested. You gonna pick up that soap, Julian?

And another year has come and blown by. Jeez Louise,where the hell is it all going? Listen, have a safe New Year’s and let’s all enjoy our premium hand rolled happy sticks for many years to come!

And wouldn’t you know I picked out a few beauties to make breaking in the New Year just right! Click the links and check out these tasty tidbits care of your friends here at JR Cigars.


Handmade DR
Wrapper: CTSH    Binder: DR    Filler: DR
Mild-Medium Bodied

ASHTONHandcrafted in the Dominican Republic by Tabacalera A. Fuente, the Ashton line of cigars is impeccably rolled and consistent from box to box. The blend of 3 to 4 year old, aged Dominican filler tobaccos wrapped in golden-brown Connecticut shade leaves provides a well-balanced bouquet of mild to medium bodied, rich flavors with subtle notes of peppery spice.


Handmade HON
Wrapper: CAM/CTBL    Binder: CTBL    Filler: HON/NIC/DR
Medium Bodied

EXCALIBUR 1066Like the original Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur, this cigar remains a wonderfully balanced, smooth smoke. However, in this version, the wrappers provide a spicy edge and a long, cedary finish. Available in both a toothy African Cameroon EMS and a dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro, you won’t want to miss out on this enticingly complex smoke.


Handmade DR
Wrapper: ECSU/CTBL    Binder: NIC    Filler: DR/NIC
Full Bodied

LA GLORIA CUBANA SERIE RThe Serie R line is handmade in the Dominican Republic with a blend of Nicaraguan Ligero and Dominican Olor filler tobaccos that are aged several years longer than the original recipe making these cigars more powerful and robust. They are finished with either oily Ecuador Sumatra or heartier Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrappers that add to the bold, yet very mellow flavors and underlying hints of spice. These smokes are characterized by their larger ring gauges that range from 52 to 60, as well as their complexity, easy draw and long finish. Definitely a real treat for the experienced smoker.

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