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Alec Bradley Nica Puro

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

I found this cigar while browsing a local cigar shop. As the name implies, this is a Nicaraguan puro. I believe this is a first for the company, and they claim an exciting flavor profile. Let’s see if I agree or not.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder & Filler: Nicaragua

Size: Robusto 5 x 50

Price: 6 – $7.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

I could find no flaws in the wrapper, and it had a mild barnyard odor. The cigar was solidly and evenly packed. Despite the rock solid feel, the draw was decent. The cold draw had cedar, coffee, and earthiness.

The burn required no corrections, and the ash held solid for just over an inch.

1 Alec_Bradley_Nica_Puro cigars


The first third was very smooth, with a very simple flavor. Up front was earthiness, coffee, and an easy pepper. I could be wrong, but there may have been a faint nuttiness far in the background. The smoke feel was dry, with a cedary finish.

2 Alec_Bradley_Nica_Puro cigars

The flavor profile livened up a bit in the second third. Things stayed simple, but flavor deliver was improved. Up first was black coffee, followed by a familiar, peppery Nicaraguan zing. Next was earthiness and wood. The smoke feel remained dry, but satisfying.

3 Alec_Bradley_Nica_Puro cigars

The last third… Now we’re talkin. That is, if the “Nic Zing” is your thing. The peppery zing left a cinnamony tingle on the lips. I could even feel it on my gums and tongue. Despite my description, it wasn’t harsh or unpleasant.

4 Alec_Bradley_Nica_Puro cigars


This was a good medium to full bodied cigar. Body and strength gradually built as I smoked. The flavors were very simple, but satisfying. I could see this being a turn off to those who prefer a more subtle, mild experience. As for me, if in the right mood, I would smoke more.

Alec Bradley New York

Friday, June 15th, 2012

The Alec Bradley New York was released awhile back for distribution in New York shops only. How I came across it at a local cigar shop here in Florida, I don’t know. Naturally I jumped at the chance, and picked a few up. I’m not good at hyping things up, so let’s get right to the review.


Wrapper: Criollo 98

Binder: Criollo 98

Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua

Size: Declaration (Gran Toro) 58 x 6

Price: Around $7.75


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The oily wrapper was shiny, and the color variances looked good. There were a few small to medium sized veins, but no real flaws to speak of. The smell of the wrapper was a simple earthiness and wood. The foot had almost no smell at all. I could only pick up a mild natural tobacco scent. The cigar was a little squishy, except towards the head. The draw was good, with only slight resistance. On pre-light draw, the flavor was mild and earthy, with fruity notes to accompany it.

The ash held for around one inch. The burn got wavy at times, and required several minor corrections.

1 Alec_Bradley_New_York cigars


The first third was pretty easy on the palate. Up first was nuttiness and a touch of wood. Through the nose, it was hard to find any additional flavor. It was basically a combination of nuttiness and wood, with an ever so slight spicy note. What kind of spice? I can’t say, it was too mild. Towards the end of this third, I picked up a floral note.

2 Alec_Bradley_New_York cigars

The second third picked up the pace a bit. Most noticeable was a smooth nuttiness mixed with spice. It made retrohaling more enjoyable, and lingered in the aftertaste. Cedar was up next, with a slight floral notes behind it. Sometimes cedar would dominate the flavor profile, and at other times, it was more nutty.

3 Alec_Bradley_New_York cigars

While the last third kept the same core flavors from the second third, a sweet cocoa joined in. This may have been the missing component that the flavor profile needed all along. Not to say the cigar was bad before, but in this third, everything just came together.

4 Alec_Bradley_New_York cigars


This was a decent lower medium to medium bodied cigar. The flavors were simple, subtle, and at times challenging. For the full bodied smoker, or even some medium smokers, the subtleness may not be for you. For me, I could smoke these in the morning with coffee and be completely satisfied. As I often say, you’ll have to judge for yourself on this one. I thought it was decent.

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