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What to Smoke for NASCAR 2020

Thursday, February 13th, 2020
Since many cigar smokers also happen to be racing fans, We compiled a great list of smokes you can enjoy while watching NASCAR’s first race of the year.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Cigars

Friday, August 30th, 2019
Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars are hand-rolled in Nicaragua using nothing but the best expertly fermented and aged Ligero fillers from Condega and Estelí.


Friday, December 7th, 2018
When it comes to major Nicaraguan brand, usually three names come to mind. Padron, Drew Estate, and Oliva interviews Cory Bappert, Vice President of Sales for Oliva Cigars

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Oliva brand is one of the most popular brands in the world.  Get a first look as sits down with the Vice President of Sales of Oliva Cigars, Cory Bappert, to talk about their new Nicaraguan Cigar factory, the process of making their cigars, and much more. – Tell us about your new box factory and the expanded capabilities of your Nicaraguan cigar factory.   How many cigars/boxes can you produce per day?

Cory Bappert – Our new box factory when fully operational and up to speed will be capable of producing 100K boxes a month. We currently make over 20 million cigars a year and with expansion under way will have the capability to product up to make an extra 40% more per year. – How large is your staff at the Nicaragua factory in Esteli?

Cory Bappert – Just at factory level we have 1500-1600 workers between both cigar factories as well as the box factory. – Do you have Rollers & Bunchers that work in pairs or does one person bunch and roll the cigar from start to finish?  What is the reasoning behind this method?

Cory Bappert – We use a roller and buncher. That work as a pair. We find the quality is better when one person focuses on one task instead of two. – What was the inspiration behind the Gilberto Oliva Reserva line that you released at the 2017 IPCPR?

Cory Bappert – The Gilberto line is a brand that we felt would reach the more value driven cigar smokers that we couldn’t previously reach. – Do you find it flattering or frustrating that since the successful release of your various Nub lines the cigar market has seen a large influx of vitolas in the 4 x 60 range?

Cory Bappert – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but the size of Nub is only part of what makes it a successful brand. – Since being acquired by J. Cortes Cigars, a Belgian company know for European-style cigarillos, will you be introducing more of the European style cigars into your portfolio?

Cory Bappert – We took over US distribution of Neos cigarillos, but that is all we have planned at this time. – What makes the Oliva Serie V and Oliva Serie V Melanio so special and sought after?

Cory Bappert – We use tobaccos from special farms we do not use on any other cigars. Also, we have a commitment to the quality of its construction. We use salaried rollers so as not to have the roller and buncher focus on quantity. Our V rollers generally roll half as many a day as a normal cigar roller. Therefore, you’ll find the construction almost perfect. – What do you feel distinguishes Oliva Cigars from other cigar manufacturers?

Cory Bappert – Our ability to grow to meet the needs and expectation of the consumer without sacrificing quality. It is a hand made product and rushing cigars out to market is tempting to all growing cigar companies. Holding the line to maintain the quality of the cigars instead of trying to cash in indicates a commitment to the long-term quality of the brand.

Crafted by JR Oliva— An Affordable Masterpiece!

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

No one grows Nicaraguan cigar tobaccos like Oliva. The manufacturer of a slew of top-selling brands, this family-owned company traces its roots to patriarch Melanio Oliva, who began growing tobacco in the legendary Pinar del Río region of Cuba in 1886. In the aftermath of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, Melanio’s grandson Gilberto Oliva immigrated with his family to Spain before eventually moving to Nicaragua and returning to the premium tobacco business. In 1995 Gilberto and his son, Gilberto Jr, launched the “Gilberto Oliva” brand — a marque which evolved into today’s Oliva, a brand that millions of smokers have come to rely on for its outstanding, Cuban-style craftsmanship and flavor.

Now, joining such notable cigar masters and companies such as AJ Fernandez, Nestor Plasencia, Davidoff, and E.P. Carrillo, to name a few, Oliva has also thrown their hat in the ring to create a very special blend made exclusively for us!

A wonderful new addition to our ever-growing Crafted by JR Cigars line, Crafted by JR Oliva cigars are gorgeous smokes made in the classic old-world tradition handed down for generations. This distinguished puro recipe consists of a dark and oily sun-grown wrapper over aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Habano binder and long filler tobaccos. With flawless construction, a slow burn, and a fabulous aroma, you will enjoy a rich, medium body smoke with multi-layered notes of earth, leather, dark spices, cocoa, and cinnamon, all punctuated with a long- lasting creamy finish.

Crafted by JR Oliva is currently available in four popular big-ring sizes, along with a beautifully crafted 6.5 x 52-ring Torpedo. The Cigars come presented in aromatic cedar dress boxes with 10 of these beautiful smokes resting inside. And, like all of our hot-selling JR Exclusives, Crafted by JR Oliva Cigars come to you with a very affordable price.

Pig-Skinning-Out on Premium Hand Rolled Cigars! by Tommy Zman

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Last week we talked about ANY excuse to smoke a cigar, but there’s one HUMUNGOUS excuse I’ll always have, and that’s NFL Playoff football. Cigars and football… damn guys, it’s like mac n’ cheese… Starsky n’ Hutch… mashed taters n’ gravy… beer nuts and… well, um… beer. Now being a lifelong New York Giants fan, you can only imagine how I’ve been enjoying the gridiron action so far. With the reaming of Atlanta and the pummeling of the 15 – 1, heavily favored Green Bay Packers, I have admittedly been a horror for anyone to be around who doesn’t bleed blue.

Men with cigars and a football, and a woman with football pads.Now I always break out the premium smokes when there’s hot playoff action on the telly, but when it’s my team winning, I will pass the good stuff around like a proud papa celebrating the birth of a child! And these past two weeks I’ve been like Santa on a month-late run handing out the likes of the Camacho Triple Maduro, Jaime Garcia Reserva Especiale, Montecristo Red, El Rey Del Mundo Real, and some Oliva Cain Daytonas! What am I nuts? No, just a generous BOTL who is enjoying the pigskin madness that only the National Football League can provide.

The unfortunate problem we will forever have up here in northern New Jersey is that it is just frigid outside this time of year, and even heading to the garage for a halftime shortie will undoubtedly freeze some important parts of the anatomical structure. Now come on guys, we’ve been thru this crap for over four years now, and you KNOW that I don’t smoke in the house. Yeah, go on tough guy, call me a wuss, girlie-man, or any kind of insult you’d like, but it’s not gonna change things for me. And I tried getting a really good heater for the garage, but I still freeze my little bag of onions off so I can only really go to a friend’s house where smoking is accepted, or a local cigar shop – and thank God, there are a few by me that I frequent for just these kind of occasions.

So this weekend we have two stellar match-ups: the NFC has My New York Football Giants on the road to take on the defensively tough San Fransisco 49ers, and the AFC has the Baltimore Ravens trying to take down the Patriots Brady Bunch in Foxborough, Massachusetts. If you’re a football hound anything like me, you’ll be glued to the flat screen, tossing epithets at opposing players, coaches, and referees, all while noshing an assorted mix of man-food goodness. (I’ve got a rootbeer pulled pork recipe that’ll knock your taste buds off into another stratosphere. Let me know if you want me to send it.)

tyreeNow these match ups are going to call for some special play selections direct from the JR CIGARS humidor. For the AFC game, your friendly neighborhood Polack is taking the New England Patriots along with a the Alec Bradley American Blend Classic with its Connecticut-seed Honduran wrapper intermingled with a flavorful binder and hearty blend of long fillers from the town of Condega, located in the province of Estelí, Nicaragua, to create a mild-to-medium-bodied, smooth, and creamy smoke with great balance and a sweet cedar finish. As for the NFC, well, you KNOW I’m picking the road dog Giants paired up with a Macanudo Cru Royale GIGANTE! Don’t let the Macanudo name fool you because this dark stick is packed with with a long-filler blend of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican Mata Fina tobaccos, a smooth La Vega Especial binder, and a deep, dark, oily Ecuador Habano-seed wrapper. Plus the Blue band goes perfect with a Big Blue victory. (Sorry, dude, I told you I was an obnoxious snob.)

So, I guess what I’m saying is that it’s gonna be a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, Patriots vs Giants and I’ll be looking for a repeat of that amazing game. (Can anybody see where that David Tyree fella is at?) Hey, don’t let me get ahead of myself, because it’s only Friday and we’ll see on Monday if the Zman is a champ or a chump. But no matter what happens, I’m gonna be smoking up some serious premium goodness, courtesy of our friends at JR CIGARS! Ahhhh… football and cigars… say, it’s just a hunch, but I bet some ice cold beer would work with this whole shindig, whaddya think?

Stay Smoky My Friends,


JR Cigars Blog with the Zman

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