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Sunday Filler – Are you a cigar addict?

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


I debated how I would answer this question. But after some thought, the answer is simply “Yes!”

To elaborate a little on my answer to my own question… I was addicted to cigarettes for years. I didn’t smoke them for taste or enjoyment. In fact, I despised every cigarette I lit up. With every drag I inhaled into my lungs, I literally could feel death. If I went too long without one, my body and mind would protest with the shakes, headache, irritability and the standard withdrawal symptoms. When I quit, I even became physically ill with a fever for a couple days.

So I stand by my addiction to cigars. The big difference is, I enjoy them. To me, cigars are more of an art form. Around 300 hands will touch the tobacco that goes into the  premium cigar you are about to light up. Yes, from seed to finished product in your hand, 300 people or so. Making a good blend is indeed an art in itself. Rolling them is a skill that takes time to develop. It shares a lot in common with wine. Does a glass or two make you an alcoholic? I don’t know…

I am forced to relax and unwind every time I light one up. It shares nothing in common with my previous cigarette addiction. I can only compare it to the Internet or computers. If I am without either, I kind of freak out. It has gotten to the point that I need the Internet accessible at all times via a handheld device that I can clip to my belt. Without it, something is missing. Cigars are sort of like that for me, but not quite that bad!

The bottom line is… To me, cigars are a hobby, perhaps a habit, and yes, an addiction. Look around, I have a website dedicated to cigars! That should say something. No, I don’t go through physical withdrawal without them, but I REALLY miss them. So why fight it. If you are like me and smoke a couple cigars every day, chances are you are an addict.

So I ask you… Are you a cigar addict?

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