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Humidor Review – Adorini Sorrente Deluxe

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

This is a first for me – A big thanks goes out to the folks at Humidor Discount. About a month ago they contacted me and asked if I would like to review a humidor. Of course I accepted the offer and it didn’t take long before the Adorini Sorrente Deluxe was at my doorstep.

This article is just a review of the humidor itself. I will post a follow up which will cover seasoning the humidor, calibrating the hygrometer, and humidification methods. Stay tuned for that article.


First let’s cover the specs:

Price: $276.00

Lifetime Warranty

Capacity – 75 cigars

Finish – multiple lacquer finish in black with tobacco leaf design on lid

Felt bottom

“Ribtech” ventilation ribbed liner

Hidden metal plate under the wood veneer to hang hygrometer and humidifier in the lid

24k gold plated quadrant hinges

Dimensions (exterior) – Length-24cm. Width-29cm. Height-12cm.

In the box – A humidor guide book, analog hygrometer, gold plated acryl polymer based

Humidifier, 4 dividers with label clips, 100ml bottle of distilled water.



I examined the exterior finish and it was virtually flawless. The tobacco leaf design against the ultra shiny black finish looks great. Pictures don’t do it justice. The felt bottom means you can store this on a delicate surface without worry of scratching your furniture.


Opening the lid, you see a quality cedar liner that is ribbed for ventilation. This design is claimed to increase air flow. The concept makes sense as you can see in the picture below.

The liner has a little bit of play, which I assume is to compensate for expansion and contraction from the tropical environment that we need for cigar storage.


The lid has a piece of metal hidden underneath the wooden liner. This makes hanging a hygrometer and humidifier a snap. No Velcro or adhesives needed here.

While we are looking at the lid, check out the hinges. They are plated with 24k gold and are solidly mounted with no play or flimsiness.



When I let the lid drop from open to closed, there was a nice “Woosh” sound and the lid would gently settle to a very tight seal. If it were a leaky lid, it would have simply slammed shut.

The liner protrudes from the humidor and fits perfectly into the lid. Overall this thing is build to tight tolerances. Construction is top notch.

humidor_sorrente_openThere is no cigar tray for a multi tier style humidor. Instead, included are four dividers that slide into the ribbed interior. Plastic clips can be used for labeling and organizing as well.





The Sorrente comes an analog hygrometer and humidification device. Both attach to the lid via magnets thanks to the hidden metal plate in the lid of the humidor.

The hygrometer is fairly accurate, but I prefer a digital unit. I found that the analog unit was accurate but only within a small range of humidity variations.

The humidifier uses distilled water, and has adjustable vents. While I found it to be easy to use, my personal choice is beads from Heartfelt Industries. There are plenty of choices for humidification. I’ve tried a few that you can read about here.


Finally… Besides a small bottle of distilled water, there is a humidor guide book included. It covers various topics from humidor construction, storing cigars, humidor seasoning, to issues like mold, tobacco beetles, and reviving dry cigars. It is a fairly thorough book.

In addition to the book, a comprehensive website covers various humidor and cigar topics.

 Humidor guide

If you have read this far, you get the idea that I love this humidor. So to be fair, let’s cover the cons:

They say this is a 75 count humidor. Obviously if you store a bunch of Toro’s or Churchill’s, you won’t be fitting that many cigars in to the Sorrente.

There is no tray, so organizing cigars can be tough. The dividers help, but nothing beats a tray for multi-level storage.

I’m sure you noticed the price. For it’s smaller size, this is a top dollar humidor in my book. But in all fairness, the construction is top notch.

I am not a fan of analog hygrometers or the adjustable humidifier (even though it looks great). That’s an easy fix with some humidity beads or gel.




I hope this doesn’t sound like a commercial, but… Wow this is now my favorite humidor. The construction is top notch. It is easily the most well built humidor in my collection. In the looks department, it is great. I have it in the living room sitting on the coffee table. It just looks good no matter where you put it. More importantly, it maintains humidity with a good seal and no leaks. If high end humidors are in your budget, I would suggest considering the Sorrente Deluxe. There are various other styles from Adorini that may fit your style as well. Check them out over at Humidor Discount.

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