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Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada

Monday, September 5th, 2011

I picked up these cigars at Ed’s shop recently. I’ve been a fan of the Casa Magna Colorado for years now. When Ed told me he had these, I immediately picked a few up. They are in limited quantities, which probably helped my decision. With anticipation, I quickly smoked what I bought, and offer you my thoughts.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 5.75 x 52

Price: $8.95


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper leaf was virtually flawless and had a nice chocolaty look. The smell of the wrapper had a mild spice and wood. The foot was pretty much the same. The cigar was packed evenly for the most part, maybe a lump here and there. The pre-light draw had slight resistance, and had a strange flavor. It was nutty but not in the traditional sense.

The ash held for over an inch. The burn didn’t require any corrections. It did get wavy from time to time, but it always corrected itself.

1 Casa_Magna_Domus_Magns_Limitada cigar


This cigar didn’t have a ramp up period, it went right into the flavors. It kind of threw everything at me at once. Up front was wood and nuts. There was a nice blast of pepper. No exhaling the entire draw through the nose on this cigar, you’d burn your face off. A chocolaty bitterness came about after about 1.5 inches in. There was an interesting citrusy sensation mixed in there as well. My crude palate could have very well missed something. This thing was a flavor bomb.

2 Casa_Magna_Domus_Magns_Limitada cigar

The second third calmed down a bit, and I didn’t get overwhelmed with flavors. It seemed to settle into a more straight forward flavor profile. The dominant flavor was a rich chocolate with the associated bitterness (not bad bitterness). The pepper didn’t go anywhere and kept it’s zing. Nuttiness with woody notes were there as well. The dominant flavor remained rich chocolate a lot of the time. It did take turns with nuttiness and wood at times. It is worth mentioning that sometimes I got that citrus feeling as well. It was a flavor bomb, but my primitive palate started to get the hang of it.

3 Casa_Magna_Domus_Magns_Limitada cigar

The last third continued the same pace as the second third, in terms of flavors. No point in repeating myself. The body did creep higher into the full range, but didn’t kick my ass. Otherwise the flavors switched up nicely just as they did before. Very nice.

4 Casa_Magna_Domus_Magns_Limitada cigar


This was a damn good full bodied cigar. Looking back at what I wrote in this review, I don’t know if I gave it justice. I may have well just wrote “Damn good, try it!” Too bad this is limited in quantity. I’d love to have this in my regular rotation of cigars. Go try this now!

H. Upmann 2010 Edicion Limitada

Friday, December 10th, 2010

I could only get my hands on one of these cigars for this review. And that was only because it was Rick’s last one. So thanks for the donation! I had a hard time finding out any information on this particular cigar. Gus Mantas chimed in before this review and said he liked the 2009 better. I literally had to measure the length and use a ring gauge guide, and I couldn’t tell you what the price is. But from what I could gather, this appears to be a real Cuban and not a knock-off, which makes it review worthy in my opinion. As always, I paired this cigar with water and offer you my thoughts.


Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuba

Size: 6 1/4 X 50

Price: ???


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had a toothy appearance with no real flaws. The odor coming off of the wrapper and foot was a mild wood. When squeezing the cigar, there was a slight give, but it wasn’t spongy. The pre-light draw was perfect, and had earthy/woody notes.

The burn required several corrections in the first half. One of those corrections was major. The ash held for about an inch.



The first third started off with an interesting smoke feel and flavor that was almost buttery. There was also a woody and earthy component. Smoke volume was plentiful. Simple but not bad at all.


The second third picked up in body a little, but remained in the medium to upper medium bodied range. There was a nice spice when passing smoke though the nose. It was peppery and had a nice punch, but didn’t burn. The woodiness remained and became less earthy. A coffee-ish flavor kicked in, and everything just blended well together. There was also an unidentified flavor that I notice is unique to Cuban tobacco. I can’t really find anything to compare it with, but it is nice.


The last third may have crept into the full bodied range. The pepper seemed to become more smoother, and boarded on being sweet. The woody and coffee flavors melded together along with that natural tobacco flavor I mentioned in the second third. The smoke feel became thick and creamy. A coating was left in the mouth and lips after exhaling. This was easily my favorite third of the cigar.



This was a very good medium to full bodied cigar. I don’t get a lot of chances to smoke Cuban cigars. Like their “Legal” counterparts, I get mixed results. Some are great, some are not. I still enjoy the Partagas Serie P and think it is better than this one. But I’m not saying this was was not good. If you get the chance to try this cigar, I think it is worth it. Very nice…

First Impression – 5 Vegas Limitada 2009

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

To be fair, I should mention that this is a first impression review. I try to smoke at least 2 to 3 cigars before doing a review. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on more. Anyway…It was time to reach into the Cigars Direct goody bag again. What I pulled out was tonight’s review, the 5 vegas Limitada 2009. This is a small yearly production and I have never had any previous releases.


Wrapper: Dominican Corojo (2002)

Binder: Piloto Cubano (2003)

Filler: Piloto Cubano 2003 and Criollo Ligero 2004

Size: Belicoso 6.2 x 52

Price: Around $8.00 to $10.00


Pre-smoke & Construction:

This was a rugged, oily, yet attractive looking cigar. The wrapper had one large vein and a few medium to small ones. Overall the cigar was packed evenly except towards the cap, where it became a little spongy. When I sniffed the wrapper and foot, I picked up a fairly strong natural earthy tobacco odor, along with a sweet spice. The pre-light draw was perfect, and had a earthy, sweet, and simple natural tobacco taste.

Construction was good, requiring only a couple touch up’s on the burn. The ash held firm for over an inch.



The first third began with very simple and subtle peppery notes. As long we we are talking about subtle flavors, next up was a slight earthiness. The smoke feel was toasty and the finish (aftertaste) had an interesting flavor that I lack words to describe. As I progressed more, woody notes combined with sweetness came about. Strange but decent.


The second third wasn’t a lot to talk about… The sweet pepper remained, along with the toasty finish. Woody notes lingered just like before, along with the sweet woody flavors I mentioned before. Basically a carbon copy of the first third.


The last third, like the previous ones, didn’t offer too much. One subtle change was all the flavors I mentioned before remained but took on a sweet tinge. Other then that, copy and paste my previous comments and that sums up the last third.



The cigar wasn’t  bad, but didn’t wow me in any way. I’d say it fell in the medium body range. The flavors seemed one dimensional and flat, but were never bad. I guess for such a hyped cigar, I expected more complexities and body. Considering this is the only time I’ve tried this cigar, I’ll try another one if I run across them. If your experience was the same or different, I’d appreciate your opinions. Is this review accurate or am I way off base here? Be brutal, I can take it.

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