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Iconic Leaf Recluse Draconian Blend

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Thanks to Iconic Leaf Cigar Company for sending me a couple samples to review. From what I’ve read, this blend will be released at the 2013 IPCPR convention. There will be three sizes in a shape that they call “Sidewinders.” Prior to IPCPR, three box shaped sizes will be released at five retailers. The samples I received  were a standard robusto. What does it all mean?

Anyway, I recall enjoying the original Recluse, and it had a decent price point. Considering how rusty I am at this whole cigar reviewing thing, let’s get to it.


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Brazilian hybrid, Piloto Cubano, Dominican

Size: Robusto 5 x 50

Price: ?


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper was oily and rugged looking, and it had a mild cedar odor. Overall, the cigar was consistently packed, with just a minor soft spot here and there. The draw was a little stiff, but I could live with it. The pre-light flavor was woody, with a bit of coffee in the background.

The burn required a few minor corrections, and the ash held for about an inch. The stiff draw loosened up shortly after lighting.

1 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse_Draconian_Blend cigars


The first third was simple, yet bold. Espresso, wood, and leather were the main flavors. Mild peppery spice was most noticeable in the aftertaste, and when retrohaling. 

2 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse_Draconian_Blend cigars

While there were no additional flavors in the second third, I noticed some nice changes. The smoke feel became very thick, creamy, and sweet. The flavors remained the same, but felt fuller in body and strength. It was harder to pick them apart, but they were all there.

3 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse_Draconian_Blend cigars

The last third went much like the second. Strength and body ticked up a notch. Everything felt fuller, and flavor delivery was excellent. Otherwise, the same core flavors remained the same. This may sound boring, but it wasn’t.

4 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse_Draconian_Blend cigars


This was a very good medium to full bodied cigar. While the flavors weren’t unique or different, they had excellent delivery. I could see paying up to $7.00. At the time of this review, that information wasn’t available. I’ll be curious when the production “Sidewinder” is released. If the flavor is anything like the Robusto, and the price is reasonable, I’d smoke more. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to IPCPR 2013. I’ll totally be there (no really, I won’t). Bottom line, this was a good smoke!

Iconic Leaf–Recluse

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Thanks to Iconic Leaf Cigar Company for sending me a couple samples of the Recluse. I know little about this brand, but their website has some information, should you want to check them out. I am always leery of new cigar companies, since many of them are just people who fork over some cash, and get their brand name stamped on an existing cigar. That’s not to say all of those guys have bad products. I give them all a fair chance. Is Iconic Leaf just another fly by night cigar company? It appears that they aren’t. Anyway, I was happy to give their first release a try…


Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro

Binder: Cameroon

Filler: Dominican

Size: Toro 6 1/4 x 50

Price: $7.80


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

Glancing at the wrapper, the first thing that grabbed my attention was how nice it looked. No visible flaws, minimal veins, virtually no seams, and a perfect box pressed shape. Dare I say, it looked pretty. The smell of the wrapper was earth with slight barnyard. Overall, the cigar was evenly packed, with a slight tight spot towards the head. The draw had slight resistance, and a flavor of coffee and sweetness.

The burn required quite a few minor corrections, and the ash was firm for over an inch.

1 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse cigars


The first third had a dominant flavor of coffee. Earthiness, along with a dark cocoa, would take the spotlight from time to time. The smoke feel bordered on creaminess, and had a nice peppery zing. As I transitioned into the second third, I picked up some woody and nutty notes.

2 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse cigars

The second third kept those wispy background notes of wood, earth, and nuts. Coffee, cocoa, and sweet peppery spice mixed evenly. The aftertaste lingered for quite some time after exhaling.

3 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse cigars

The last third kept the same basic flavor profile as before. The main difference was the smoke feel, which became dry and crisp. It left a spicy tingle on the tongue, and had a tinge of sweet bitterness.

4 Iconic_Leaf_Recluse cigars


This was a good medium to full bodied cigar. The flavor profile was refined, and everything fit together nicely. I didn’t pay much attention to the burn corrections, since it was on par with a typical box pressed cigar. The price point was easily met, and I think Iconic has a good debut cigar here.

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