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Gurkha Seduction

Friday, July 20th, 2012

I haven’t reviewed a Gurkha in some time, so I figured it is overdue. Like many of you, I find myself taking enjoyment in slamming Gurkha. It’s an easy mark, considering some of their gimmicks. Once I get past the “Rolls Royce of Cigars” bullshit, I have to admit, they have quite a few blends that I enjoy. It is only fair that I gave the Seduction a try. Let’s see how it went…


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Dominican Olor

Filler: Corojo, Colombian

Size: Toro 6 x 55

Price: Around $7.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

Some parts of the wrapper looked velvety smooth, while other segments were shiny with oil. Overall, it had a nice appearance, with only small to medium veins. The smell of the wrapper reminded me of pipe tobacco and leather. The foot had a similar aroma, with earthiness. The cigar was consistently packed, and felt a little spongy when squeezed. The draw had slight resistance, which is how I prefer it. As for the pre-light flavor, it was hard for me to pin down. It was like a very mild, mellow spice. There may have been some cedar and earthiness mixed with it too.

The burn required one minor correction, and the ash held for about 1.5 inches.

1 Gurkha_Seduction cigars


The first third had simple earthy and cedar core. A mild, easy spice was noticed, but only when retrohaling. The smoke feel was smooth and effortless.

2 Gurkha_Seduction cigars

The second third saw a nice, yet modest, uptick in spice. It took on a peppery feel, but was easy to pass through the sinus. It had just the right amount of zing. Earthiness, cedar, and spice remained the same. The only difference was a slight sweet note in the aftertaste. The smoke volume increased, and eventually, the sweetness became dry cocoa. What is that chocolate milk powder? You know, the one with the rabbit on the can? It reminded me of that, but to a lesser degree.

3 Gurkha_Seduction cigars

The last third kept the same core flavors – Earth, wood, spice, and dry cocoa. They all had equal strength. Only on occasion would the cocoa stand out over the other flavors. Otherwise, the last third kept pace with the second.

4 Gurkha_Seduction cigars


This was a good medium bodied cigar. I liked how the first third set the stage for the rest of the cigar smoking experience (if that makes sense). As I often say, there was no wow factor, but it hit the spot for me. I think the asking price is reasonable as well. Construction, burn, ash, flavor, it was all there. Nothing to complain about!

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