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Trinidad Fundadores – Guest Review

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Good ole Timm is back for another guest review. If you aren’t familiar with him, he did this review awhile back. The writing on the box is in German, and says “The EU Health Ministers – Smoking harms you and the people in your environment.” Most of us share Timm’s view, and I quote
“I think NOT smoking a cigar stresses you out and stress shortens your life Faster.” I agree Timm! I am not saying cigar smoking is good for you, but I can think of worse things to do. One way or another, we all gotta go. Might as well relax while we are here. Anyway… Let’s see what Timm has to say about this cigar. I always enjoy his reviews, so let’s get to it!1TrinidadFundadores

Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Cuban

Size: 7 1/2" x 40 Laguito Especial, a lonsdale

Price: ???




The wrapper had virtually no flaws. It seemed to be a little out of balance for me due to its length – I tend to prefer Toros.  The cap had a cute little pigtail while the body and foot was nice and tight with no signs of cracking. The aroma coming from the wrapper/foot seemed to have a slightly sweet smell, reminding me of nuts and Rum.



The pre-light draw was easy, almost too easy, and had a flavor that reminded me again of nuts and a light rum. When I squeezed the cigar’s entire length, it wasn’t firm, but not spongy either. A few soft spots were noticed, but nothing I would see as a concern.  The sweet nutty aroma seemed to demand I make the cut and find a torch.



Lighting the cigar, I was met with a bold nutty taste and a slight hint of rum. The Trinidad lit easily but started to have a burn issue about ten minutes in.  I would later have a difficult time with the correction of this issue.  In hindsight the side of the cigar that was sitting in the box is the side that had the trouble.



Even with the burn being so “off,” the cigar smoked wonderfully.  The taste was amazing, bringing to mind images of old Havana and Morro Castle. Puff after puff, I could just picture Fidel enjoying one of these along with a rum and a tropical sea breeze.  I was forced to return to my own reality and correct the burn as it continued to be a problem.  About midway into the cigar, I was forced to re-cut the cigar below the lowest burn point and relight it.


The dreaded Re-cut and Last 1/3

After re-cutting the cigar I was quite pleased to find the great taste remained, as did the burn issue.  I was forced into a routine of several puffs followed by an ashtray adjustment to the ash.  Even with the trouble this cigar had become, it still had a wonderful aroma and great taste, perhaps one of the most consistent from start to finish as I have ever smoked.

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