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Falto Privilegio Mi Viejo #9

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

1_Box_Falto _Privilegio_Mi Viejo_CigarI reviewed the #8 earlier this year. As you all probably know, I don’t care much for back stories about a cigar. But I figured this was worth pointing out…

The Falto Privilegio Mi Viejo took Luis Falto a long time to develop. In the end, he ended up with two blends that his family and friends liked. Some liked one, some liked the other. He finally chose to include both blends in each box. You get 10 of the Liga #8, and 10 of the #9.

While both blends are essentially the same, the big difference is in the Viso leaf. The Liga #8 has a Viso of Cuban seed tobacco, while the Liga #9 has Dominican seed Viso.

It is claimed that the #8 “Delivers a medium to full flavored smoke with a rich balance and singular complexity.” The #9 is said to have “More full flavored smoke with a richer complexity and exquisite balance.”

Today I decided it was time to see how the #9 differs from it’s counterpart.


Wrapper: Corojo Ecuador

Binder: Dominican Olar

Filler: Nicaragua, Brazilian, Dominican

Size: Churchill 6 3/8 x 48

Price: $9.50


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper looked nice, and had some medium sized veins with minimal flaws. There was a small tear but it was barely noticeable. The wrapper had the smell of cedar. The foot had cedar and pepper. The cigar was well packed, and got a little softer towards the head. The pre-light draw had some resistance, but not too much. The pre-light flavor was a mind earthiness with cedar.

The burn required one minor correction, and the ash held firmly for just over an inch.

1 Falto_Privilegio_mi_viejo_no9 cigar


The first third had a nice dominant cedar flavor. There was slight earthiness in the background. When passing smoke through the nose, the peppery spice was smooth with a little bite. There was a nutty component as well. As I approached the end of this third, the smoke feel became less dry and felt slightly creamy.

2 Falto_Privilegio_mi_viejo_no9 cigar

The second third kept that dominant cedary flavor. Like before, there were earthy and nutty notes in the background. The pepper was still there but calmed down a bit. Some draws were dry and crisp, while others were thicker and creamy.

3 Falto_Privilegio_mi_viejo_no9 cigar

The last third kept pace with previous thirds in terms of flavors. Like before, the smoke was creamy in some draws, and crisp and dry in others. The aftertaste was woody and spicy. It stuck to the mouth and lips for a little while.

4 Falto_Privilegio_mi_viejo_no9 cigar


Like the #8, this was a solid medium to full bodied cigar. The main difference was that this cigar lacked the sweetness that the #8 had. This wasn’t a good or bad difference. Otherwise, the core flavors were pretty much the same. The flavor profile came together nicely and had a refined feel. In the end, I liked this cigar. I think this boutique company is worth checking out. Thanks again to Luis Falto for letting me try his cigars.

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