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La Flor Dominicana N.A.S.

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a review, and as you’d expect, I’m very backlogged. I couldn’t decide what to smoke, until I ran across the N.A.S. by La Flor Dominicana. It is a cheroot, which means it was hand rolled, but not pressed in a mold. This results in one ugly looking cigar. The blend is all Ligero tobacco, but, you’re probably wondering what the name means. Nasty Ass Shit. Let’s see if this thing lives up to it’s name.


Wrapper: Dominican

Binder & Filler: Dominican

Size: 5.5 x 42

Price: Around $8.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

Did I mention how ugly the cigar was? Otherwise, it was well constructed. I could feel knots when squeezing, but, I would expect this from a cheroot. The wrapper had almost no odor at all. The draw was a little snug, but a small clip opened it right up. I picked up woody and earthy notes on the pre-light draw.

The ash held for about a half of an inch, and there was plenty of smoke volume.

1 LFD_NAS cigars



I was expecting a blast of pepper in the first third. Instead, I was greeted with a dark, smooth, woody flavor. Earthy notes lingered behind it, but it was subtle. After about a half of an inch, I started to get hints of pepper. It was a warm, flavorful pepper, maybe cayenne.

2 LFD_NAS cigars

The second third kept the same woody core. The pepper increased in strength, and had a sweet, almost cinnamony tingle. Yes, we make up our own words at Earthy notes fell far in the background.

3 LFD_NAS cigars

The pepper increased in strength in the last third. It kept the tingle I mentioned before, but took on a black peppery feel. Wood remained the main flavor, and earth was more noticeable.

4 LFD_NAS cigars


This was a good full bodied cigar. It burned better than I expected, and tasted good. Anyone who knows me can predict my complaints. The price is a bit high for a smaller cigar. If I were to be extremely critical, it would be the name. N.A.S. just makes me say “Nasty Ass Shit” in my head. Print the name on the label, it’s ok, they are only words. Seriously though, price and appearance aside, this was a nice little smoke.

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