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Smoke Inn, TomsCigars Sampler & Giveaway

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

This post will be stuck at the top of the site until the contest expires. New content will continue to be posted.

It’s true, I have my own cigar sampler. I am often asked what some of my favorite cigars are. While the list changes, I have some go-to sticks that I recommend to those who ask. Thanks to Smoke Inn, this sampler is available to everyone, at a reasonable cost (and no profit to yours truly). The whole concept behind this is to promote relaxation via fine cigars.

TomsCigars_Money_Shot_Sampler cigars

You may be asking, “So what’s in the sampler, where can I get it, and how can I win free cigars?” Read on…

The sampler is available for purchase at Smoke Inn right now. It’s that easy, click here! Before you do that, leave a comment on this post. You’ll be entered to win this sampler for free. It contains the following cigars, ranging from mild to full bodied and strength.


1 EPC Inch Maduro No. 64

1 Ortega Serie D Maduro No. 6

1 My Father Flor de Antillas Toro Gordo

1 Illusione Epernay Le Monde

1 Perdomo Champagne Robusto

1 Arturo Fuente Magnum Rosado R58

1 Kristoff Maduro Matador

1 Drew Estate Undercrown Belicoso


Standard disclaimers apply. You must be 18 or over, and live within the United States. Please only enter once by leaving one comment here. Make sure to enter your real email address in the email field. All contact information will be kept confidential. In a week or two, I’ll randomly pick a winner.

Flor De Las Antillas by My Father Cigars

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The Flor De Las Antillas is a product of My Father Cigar Co. Being the fanboi that I am, I grabbed this the minute Ed told me they were in stock. To quote, or at least paraphrase Ed, “This cigaa is equal to, or better then the Casa Magna Domus Magnus.” That is a tall order, especially since the Domus was my #1 cigar of 2011. Let’s see if I agree with Ed or not.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown

Binder & Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: Belicoso 5.5 x 52

Price: Around $7.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The word that came to mind when I looked at the wrapper was, rustic. It was somewhat wrinkled from being box pressed. There was as split towards the head, but I wasn’t concerned. The odor of the wrapper was barnyard. Yea folks, it smelled like poop. For whatever reason, this isn’t a bad thing. Squeezing the cigar revealed some minor inconsistencies, but it was well packed. The draw had slight resistance, and the pre-light flavor was dark coffee and earthiness.

The ash held for over an inch, and the burn required one minor touch up.

1 Flor_de_Las_Antillas My_Father Cigars


The first third opened up with an easy pepper and wood. Coffee, with a tinge of sweetness, gradually entered the picture. Simple, but good.

2 Flor_de_Las_Antillas My_Father Cigars

Pepper increased, but remained smooth in the second third. It had a nice little kick, but it was dialed down. Wood, coffee, and a sweet cocoa were evenly mixed in the flavor profile. There may have been a hint of nuts in the background. At the halfway point, the sweetness would come and go. On the draws that had no sweetness, a tingly spice would take its place.

3 Flor_de_Las_Antillas My_Father Cigars

The last third kept the same basic flavor profile as the second third. The main difference was, some draws were creamy and sweet, and some were dry and crisp. The tingly spicy aftertaste slightly increased in strength.

4 Flor_de_Las_Antillas My_Father Cigars


This was a good, even a very good, medium to full bodied cigar. Construction, flavor, burn, ash, it had it all. BUT, I will have to agree to disagree with Ed. This cigar isn’t better, and it isn’t worse, than the Casa Magna Domus Magnus. I can’t draw the same comparison that Ed can. See how subjective this cigar reviewing stuff is? Needless to say, the Flor De Las Antillas is a solid cigar, and it holds its own. I’ll be smoking more of these, guaranteed.

C & C Connecticut

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

I found the C & C Connecticut while browsing a local cigar shop. I was in the market for a cheap, mild cigar. I often snub the cheapies in the humidor, but every now and then, I figure, “Why not?” At this price point I had little to lose, so I grabbed a few. Is this just another cheapie, or a diamond in the rough? Let’s find out.


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: Robusto 5 x 50

Price: $3.65

1 C&C Connecticut cigars

Pre-Smoke & Construction:

A quick visual inspection of the wrapper revealed a nice, shiny appearance. There were some decent sized veins, but nothing that I would consider a flaw. The odor of the wrapper was cedar, with a sweet mild spice. I couldn’t get any smell off of the foot, perhaps a mild earthiness. Overall, the cigar was solidly packed, and had some variances in construction (lumps). The draw had some resistance, and was a little snug. The pre-light flavor was mild and earthy.

The snug draw wasn’t an issue once lit. The burn required no corrections, and the ash held for just around an inch.

2 C&C Connecticut cigars


The first half had a mild peppery spice on the retrohale. The main flavor was earthiness, subtle nuttiness, and a smooth buttery component. As I approached the end of this half, the strength increased slightly, perhaps to the upper mild region.

3 C&C Connecticut cigars

The second half took on a thicker, creamier smoke feel. The spice kicked up a notch, but remained easy and mild. Earthiness, along with a nutty note, remained the same. The buttery component remained, but took a back seat towards the end. A mild, spicy tingle lingered on the palate for a little while.

4 C&C Connecticut cigars


I know many people don’t care to read reviews of cheap cigars. There is an undeniable market for them, so I’m going to give them a shot from time to time. So… This was a decent milder cigar. It was fairly one dimensional, but with coffee, I enjoyed it much more than the standard water. Burn, construction, and flavor, weren’t bad. It basically is a typical Connecticut wrapped cigar. It pretty much lived up to the price point. If you’re in the market for a cheap, decent Connecticut cigar, this is worth a shot.

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