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Best Boutique Cigars for Beginners

Monday, January 8th, 2018

What is a boutique cigar? Well, many cigar experts are still trying to give it a definitive definition.  While years ago, many felt as though they had a grasp on what a boutique cigar was, today the term has basically come to be known as small batch.  At we consider a boutique cigar to be a limited production, high quality cigar that is available in some shops but not all.  They are cigars where extra care is taken to make sure each one is perfect, where manufacturers care more about a great, high quality product then simply producing as many as possible. Now there are several large companies that produce a few lines of “boutique cigars”, yet today we are going to focus on the company’s whose primary mission it is to make small batch, limited releases.


The first may come as a shock to new customers seeing as this company is now one of the largest in existence, but there is no doubt that they were one of the founders of the boutique cigar trend.  Drew Estate has been the forerunner in the boutique cigar world since the early 2000s.  The Acid line is considered the boutique infused cigar.  In recent years, we have seen the growth of their premium cigar division, with the Liga Privada line becoming one of the most sought after cigars in the country.


Tatuaje is everything a boutique cigar company should be.  Their blends are among the highest rated every year and their limited edition releases are hunted by their fans all over the country.  They have become incredibly popular due to their yearly Monster series release, a new cigar that depicts an old fashion movie monster.  The small batch Pork Tenderloin is considered the holy grail among cigar enthusiast and can only be found at certain events.



For the beginner, I would recommend they take a look at Foundation, one of the hottest companies in the industry today.  Their El Guegense line was placed in the Top 25 cigars of the year last year and for good reason.  The Tabernacle is one of the best broadleaf cigars available today and the Charter Oak is great value based smoke that maintains a high quality.


In the past 10 years, no cigar company has surged as high as RoMa Craft.  Mike Rosales and Skip Martin care about one thing and one thing only: making incredible blends for their customers.  They are among the most popular boutique cigars on shelves today, with shops constantly running low on the Neanderthal or CroMagnon lines.  They have made a vow to every produce more cigars then they think necessary, thereby insuring that care is taken with each one.


We here at have so many favorite boutique companies including The Crowned Heads, Illusione, Caldwell etc.  The cigars listed above are a great way for a new smoker to see the quality of a boutique blend and the value they bring to the industry.

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