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Best Cigar Lounges in New York City

Monday, September 30th, 2019

For the traveling cigar aficionado, it is important to know the best cigar lounges around the country. While cities such as Atlanta, Miami, and Nashville have seen the opening of some high-end lounges the past few years, there is one city that will always reign supreme for a high- end cigar lounge experience.  That city is New York.  For this month, let’s take a look inside the Top Five Best Cigar Lounges in New York City.

The Grand Havana Room

While it might not be easy to gain entry, if you have the chance to go to the Grand Havana Room, it is a must-see for every cigar smoker.  Located right by Rockefeller Center in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, it is the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity.


Its members range from cigar industry people to politicians to movie stars.  Rudy Giuliani and Al Sharpton both frequent the lounge and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known member.  Their drink selection is spectacular as is their food menu, offering quality steaks and top-shelf libations.


Among its many endearing aspects, the location of the Grand Havana Room is among my favorite. Its breathtaking views of the city along with its overall ambiance offer you a one of a kind cigar experience.

Nat Sherman Townhouse

The Nat Sherman Townhouse is an icon in New York City.  It is one of the oldest continuing cigar bars in the city and has maintained a reputation for quality, luxury, and relaxation.  It has a great vibe and a top-notch cigar selection.


As with the Grand Havana Room, the Townhouse has long been one of the go-to spots for celebrities for decades.  In the 1940s, it was a major hang out for high-level mafia associates as well as stars like Frank Sinatra.  Rudy Giuliani is another regular, although he does frequent most high-end shops in the city.


Since day to day operations are still kept within the family there is a real mom and pop vibe, with the Sherman family members frequently sitting down with customers to strike up a conversation.  While the downstairs lounge area is reserved for members, there is also a smaller lounge upstairs for walk-ins.


With a knowledgeable staff, an excellent selection and icon status, the Nat Sherman Townhouse is a quality spot for the aficionado.



Carnegie Club

If you are looking for that traditional New York jazzy vibe, then the Carnegie Club is the place for you.  Just like the Hall and the deli, the Carnegie Club does its name justice.  It is laid out almost like a 1920s speakeasy and even offers up jazz and swing music on most weekends.  Its bar is stocked with high-end spirits including a very impressive whiskey list and offers up great cocktails.  Its Manhattan is one of the best I’ve had in a cigar bar.


Its dim lighting and overall ambiance is nostalgic and harkens back to a time of the traditional New York clubs.  While its cigar selection isn’t as large as some of the others on our list, it does have a decent offering but when you go the Carnegie Club it is definitely more for the environment than the humidor.  It is also a classy date spot which is unique among cigar lounges.


Club Macanudo

While many of the high-end cigar lounges are for members only, Club Macanudo offers the member experience for anyone who walks in the door.  Opened during the height of the cigar boom, Club Macanudo is one of the most famous and popular cigar lounges in the city.  They have the best aspects of all cigar lounges varieties.


They offer a high-end intimate setting, top quality customer service, a large cigar selection, and some of the best food and drinks in the city.  Their food has been rated highly and contends with other iconic New York City spots such as Smith & Wellensky.


Club Macanudo is also one of the main cigar event locations in the city.  Everything from local cigar events to large charitable cigar dinners is held at the Club.  It is perfect for a business meeting, a night out on the town, or even just a relaxing evening alone.

Casa de Montecristo by Cigar Inn

The Cigar Inn has long been a fan favorite cigar lounge in the city.  Even after its name change, the lounge is still the go-to hot spot for cigar smokers in New York.  Their selection is on par with some of the best stores in the state and their staff knowledge is beyond reproach.  They offer up the perfect experience for a variety of customers.


Whether you want a clam relaxing afternoon with a  cigar and book or a night out with the boys, the Casa de Montecristo by Cigar Inn is perfect for you.  The cigar lounge is large enough to accommodate large parties but still maintains that intimate ambiance.


It is a BYOB cigar lounge, but it is located next door to one of the best high-end liquor stores in the city, who will sometimes do tasting events in the lounge.


For a seasoned aficionado or a new cigar smoker just looking for a chill environment, Casa de Montecristo by Cigar Inn will offer you the perfect experience.


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