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Swag Sobe Edition

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Swag is a line of cigars brought to you from Oliveros. It is said that “SoBe” stands for South Beach. You know, the place where all the kids like to party. Personally, I think Miami is the arm pit of Florida. But it can’t be denied that it’s a hot spot, even in the cigar industry. Anyway, I found this cigar at a local shop, and got to smoking.


Wrapper: Dominican

Binder & Filler: Dominican

Size: Toro Gordo 6 x 60

Price: $7.71

1 Swag_Sobe_Edition cigars

Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper was pretty rugged looking, with some medium sized veins, and random lumps here and there. This isn’t to say it was looked bad, just rugged. The wrapper and foot had a mild cedar and earthy aroma. Squeezing the cigar revealed some minor inconsistencies, but nothing concerned me. The draw had slight resistance, and the pre-light flavor was earthy and grassy.

The burn required a couple minor corrections, and the ash held for just over an inch.

2 Swag_Sobe_Edition cigars


The first third had a nice tingly spice that had a citrusy edge to it. Earthiness was up next, followed by a bitter sweetness, and subtle woody notes. Simple, but good.

3 Swag_Sobe_Edition cigars

The second third had a slight uptick in strength, but kept the same basic flavors as before. The citrusy spice stood out more, and the bitter sweetness was accompanied by coffee. Woody and earthy notes didn’t go away, but they did take a back seat.

4 Swag_Sobe_Edition cigars

The last third kept the same flavors, but the delivery changed. Basically everything was equal in strength. Nothing stood out over the other. It was very well balanced.

5 Swag_Sobe_Edition cigars


This was a solid medium to upper medium bodied cigar. The flavors were simple, but they switched up and kept things interesting. All Miami gimmicks aside, this cigar delivered where it counts, and it meets the price point. I’d smoke more of these from time to time. 

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