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Augusto Reyes Sixth Generation

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Where or how I ended up with today’s review I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I bought them and forgot, it’s hard to say. The only other Augusto Reyes cigar I have had is the Signature, which I enjoyed. I figured it was time to try another blend from this cigar maker. As you all know, I paired with water and here are my thoughts.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan

Size: Churchill 7 x 48

Price: Around $6.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The oily, shiny brown wrapper had medium to small veins with no flaws to speak of. The smell of the wrapper was wood and sweet earthiness. I could barely get anything when sniffing the foot. The cigar had a soft spot or two, but nothing drastic enough to be of concern. The pre-light draw was free and had a flavor of earthy, dark soil.

The burn required two minor corrections, and the ash held for about an inch.

1 Augusto_Reyes Sixth_Generation cigars


The first third opened up with earthiness and pepper through the nose. After about a half an inch, cedar kicked in along with a tinge of coffee. Overall the smoke feel was dry and left me craving water.

2 Augusto_Reyes Sixth_Generation cigars

The second third smoothed out and became somewhat creamy feeling, with a slight sweet note. Cedar was the main flavor with some coffee. Passing smoke through the sinus, I found the pepper calmed down quite a bit. While the flavors weren’t bad, sometimes the flavor profile felt dry and scattered for lack of a better word. Other draws were smooth and refined. It was strange.

3 Augusto_Reyes Sixth_Generation cigars

The last third saw even more of a reduction in pepper. When passing through the nose, it was almost unnoticeable at times. Sometimes it had a little kick, but for the most part it was smooth and cedary. The core flavor was still cedar, coffee, and a smooth sweetness. I got that same sweetness on the aftertaste. It boarded on being cocoa. Overall the flavor profile came together nicely in this third.

4 Augusto_Reyes Sixth_Generation cigars


This was a mixed bag, and it had no moments of being bad. At times is was lackluster, other times it was very nice. As a whole, it was a good cigar at a reasonable price. I would try these again in the future. As far as Augusto Reyes goes, I’d place the Signature over this one.

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