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Tatuaje Monster Series-Wolfman

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Another Tatuaje review? Yes… I know I’m a little late on reviewing this annual Halloween series, but Ed got a late shipment. The only other Halloween series cigar I’ve had is last years “The Face.” I remember it being a very good cigar, so I jumped at the chance of trying the 2011 release called the Wolfman. This is a very limited cigar that fan boy’s seek and some obsess over. Personally, I think it’s about the cigar, not the hype. So let’s see how the Tatuaje Wolfman went. 


Wrapper: Sumatra

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 7.5 x 52

Price: $13.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper was blotchy looking and had a shiny yet rough look to it. The wrapper had a cedary sweet smell. The foot smelled similar but had a little spice that made the nose tingle. The cigar was pretty evenly packed, and had a little give when squeezed. The pre-light draw had a little resistance, and had a dark bitter flavor (not the bad kind).

The burn required a couple minor touch up’s, and the ash held for around an inch.

1 Tatuaje_Wolfman cigars


The first bit of the cigar has no wrapper. The initial first draws had a simple peppery spice with woody notes. Once I got to the wrapper, the pepper mellowed out a bit. The flavor felt smoother, with a dominant cedary flavor. Up next was a bitter sweetness that boarded on being dark chocolate.

2 Tatuaje_Wolfman cigars

The second third definitely had a sweet dark chocolaty core. The peppery spice was almost gone, and turned into a smooth sweetness that boarded on creaminess. A bitter sweet aftertaste clung to the inside of the mouth for quite a while. As this third came to an end, coffee notes were noticed.

3 Tatuaje_Wolfman cigars

The last third didn’t change too much in terms of flavor. Black coffee increased a bit, but the flavors I mentioned before remained. They all increased in body and strength. Speaking of strength, at this point I had a pretty good nicotine buzz.

4 Tatuaje_Wolfman cigars


This was a very good full bodied cigar. It definitely isn’t for the mild smoker. I enjoy a good full strength cigar, but I don’t like when flavors suffer as a result. The Wolfman delivers in all areas – strength and flavor. This proves yet again that you don’t have to sacrifice one to have the other. If you run across this limited release, it is worth picking a few up.

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