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Cool Find – Cheap Table Torch

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Not long ago I was watching a review from Walt over at The Stogie Review. He started talking about his table top torch lighter, and casually mentioned how you could get a similar lighter for a cheap price.

A big gripe of mine is how expensive even the most basic table torch lighter is when you buy one from a cigar/tobacco shop. I could understand the price if the torches offered some kind of superior quality, but they are generally all mass produced in China like everything else. So I took Walt’s advice and stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond.


In the cooking/kitchen area I found a Creme Brulee set for $19.00. It came with a table torch and four small dishes.


After getting home and unpacking the torch, I immediately was annoyed with the childproof lever on the back right under the ignition button. Removing two screws exposed the lever, which came right out, and the problem was solved. I had to use a dab of super glue on the top tabs, since I broke the original glue that was applied from the factory.


I’ve only had this torch for a few days, but it feels and performs like any other table torch I’ve used. It has the same features you’d expect, flame adjustment and a lever to lock the flame on when you let off of the ignition button. If you are on a budget I’d say this is worth your while. Thanks for the tip Walt!

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