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Rocky Patel–The Edge Corojo

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

I’ve had the other Edge cigars from Rocky Patel, so I figured why not try the Corojo. I picked this up at a local cigar shop and let them rest for a month or so. Anyhow, no big buildup on this review. Let’s get to it…


Wrapper: Corojo

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Secret

Size: Battalion 6 x 60

Price: Around $7.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper was chocolaty brown and shiny with small to medium sized veins. No flaws could be found. The wrapper had a cedary smell. The foot was similar with an added pepper. The cigar was solidly packed. I mean real packed, hence the pre-light draw was very tight and far out of my tolerances. The flavor of the pre-light draw was cedar and earth.

After about an inch of smoking, the draw opened up. The ash held for anywhere from one to two inches. The burn required no corrections.

1 Rocly_Patel_The_Edge_Corojo Cigars


Initially the first third lacked almost all flavor due to the tight draw. After about an inch in, the draw opened up a little. This revealed earthiness and cedar. The smoke feel was dry and crisp.

2 Rocly_Patel_The_Edge_Corojo Cigars

The second third had a dominant woody flavor. It wasn’t cedar, that’s about as detailed that I can get. There were earthy notes in the background. When passing smoke through the nose, there was a sweet spice and a little pepper. The smoke feel thickened up a little and became less dry and crisp, and as I approached the last third, it bordered on creaminess.

3 Rocly_Patel_The_Edge_Corojo Cigars

The last third changed a little. The smoke feel became thicker and a little creamy. The dominant flavor was still wood, but it also was creamy and sweet. There may have been hints of coffee here and there. Through the nose, the sweet spice remained and was pleasant.

4 Rocly_Patel_The_Edge_Corojo Cigars


This was an OK medium to full bodied cigar. The flavors were good, but just seemed scattered if that makes sense. I guess I would have preferred a more refined delivery. Instead this slow burner offered a 1.5 hour ho-hum experience. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass on smoking any more of these.

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