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Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Oliva brand is one of the most popular brands in the world.  Get a first look as sits down with the Vice President of Sales of Oliva Cigars, Cory Bappert, to talk about their new Nicaraguan Cigar factory, the process of making their cigars, and much more. – Tell us about your new box factory and the expanded capabilities of your Nicaraguan cigar factory.   How many cigars/boxes can you produce per day?

Cory Bappert – Our new box factory when fully operational and up to speed will be capable of producing 100K boxes a month. We currently make over 20 million cigars a year and with expansion under way will have the capability to product up to make an extra 40% more per year. – How large is your staff at the Nicaragua factory in Esteli?

Cory Bappert – Just at factory level we have 1500-1600 workers between both cigar factories as well as the box factory. – Do you have Rollers & Bunchers that work in pairs or does one person bunch and roll the cigar from start to finish?  What is the reasoning behind this method?

Cory Bappert – We use a roller and buncher. That work as a pair. We find the quality is better when one person focuses on one task instead of two. – What was the inspiration behind the Gilberto Oliva Reserva line that you released at the 2017 IPCPR?

Cory Bappert – The Gilberto line is a brand that we felt would reach the more value driven cigar smokers that we couldn’t previously reach. – Do you find it flattering or frustrating that since the successful release of your various Nub lines the cigar market has seen a large influx of vitolas in the 4 x 60 range?

Cory Bappert – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but the size of Nub is only part of what makes it a successful brand. – Since being acquired by J. Cortes Cigars, a Belgian company know for European-style cigarillos, will you be introducing more of the European style cigars into your portfolio?

Cory Bappert – We took over US distribution of Neos cigarillos, but that is all we have planned at this time. – What makes the Oliva Serie V and Oliva Serie V Melanio so special and sought after?

Cory Bappert – We use tobaccos from special farms we do not use on any other cigars. Also, we have a commitment to the quality of its construction. We use salaried rollers so as not to have the roller and buncher focus on quantity. Our V rollers generally roll half as many a day as a normal cigar roller. Therefore, you’ll find the construction almost perfect. – What do you feel distinguishes Oliva Cigars from other cigar manufacturers?

Cory Bappert – Our ability to grow to meet the needs and expectation of the consumer without sacrificing quality. It is a hand made product and rushing cigars out to market is tempting to all growing cigar companies. Holding the line to maintain the quality of the cigars instead of trying to cash in indicates a commitment to the long-term quality of the brand.

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