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Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro

Friday, January 14th, 2011

I don’t know where I got today’s cigar. I probably picked it up at a random local shop, or Ed’s place. The name Lot 23 comes from the name of a tobacco field near the Perdomo factory. All the tobacco in this cigar is from this one field, or lot. As always, I paired this cigar with water and offer you my thoughts.


Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder/Filler: Nicaragua

Size: Punta Gorda 5 x 60

Price: Around $5.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had a toothy appearance and a few medium sized veins. When squeezing the cigar, I found it to be firmly and evenly packed. The odor coming off of the wrapper and foot was sweet and barnyardish. The pre-light draw had slight resistance, and had a dark, sweet taste.

The burn got a little wavy from time to time, but required no corrections. The ash held for over an inch.



The first third had a nice dominant coffee flavor. Passing smoke through the nose, I found it to be pretty spicy with a sweet note. There were notes of wood and a sweetness that completed the flavor profile.


The second third saw the introduction of a dry chocolaty flavor. It wasn’t the melt in your mouth chocolate. I’d compare it more to the dry powered stuff you put in milk. The spice was still present, and had a tinge of sweetness and wood. Like before, coffee was strong and was the dominant flavor.


In the last third, I hit the taper of the torpedo shape. The coffee was still the dominant flavor, and the spice began to leave a coating on the lips with a slight tingle. The chocolate went back to being more of a sweet note. Basically the same core flavors, coffee, sweetness, spice, and woody notes were there all along. The only difference is they mixed and mingled together differently. The intensity of the flavors changed from time to time, if that makes sense.



This was a good medium to full bodied cigar. Sure, the flavors were common, and they didn’t switch up a lot. But they were enjoyable, and I never got a bad or harsh note. I used to smoke these all the time when I first started smoking cigars, and it was nice to re-visit it. If you haven’t tried the Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro, I think it is worth it.

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