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Top-Quality MoyaRuiz Cigars

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

MoyaRuiz Cigars are the product of Danny Moya, Erik Espinoza, and Nelson Ruiz, three exceptional master blenders who craft their premium cigars at Espinosa’s prestigious La Zona Factory in Estelí Nicaragua. Every MoyaRuiz cigar that is made in the La Zona factory is handcrafted in the traditional Cuban way called “entubado”, a process where the long filler tobacco leaves are rolled one by one into tubes rather than bunched, which allows for maximum airflow and a perfect draw. This dynamic trio has created several top- rated lines starting with the Jugado series that is featured in three exquisite blends.

The MoyaRuiz Jugado Habano is a bold Nicaraguan smoke that comes dressed in a rich Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over well-aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. This beautifully constructed vitola is well packed and serves up a complex bounty of almonds, cocoa, and caramel flavors, while hints of pepper and tangy spice remain in the background.

Maduro fans will simply love the dark and delicious La Jugada Prieto! This medium to full bodied blend features the classic Mexican San Andres wrapper over finely aged Nicaraguan binder and long fillers. Cocoa, milk chocolate, hints of cinnamon, and toasted almond flavors highlight this ebony masterpiece.

La Jugada Nunchuck is quite the odd bird! Designed to look like a set of nunchucks, the dual cigars are conjoined by a thin strand of tobacco designed to be easily pulled apart when ready to smoke. The Nunchuck contains Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves nestled inside a dark, oily, Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper. Just like its namesake, these beauties really pack a wallop!  A boatload of chocolate, pepper, and sweet spice flavors are delivered with a bold, in your face, full-bodied strength profile Sold in boxes of 10, this cigar is tailor made for the adventurous smoker with a well-seasoned palate.

The Rake is a delicious premium cigar that sports a near black Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with a high-octane blend of four ligero leaves from Nicaragua. Packed with rich, Cuban-style flavor, these gems, available in four popular big-ring sizes, deliver hearty notes of pepper, dark roast coffee, spice, and hints of sweet fruit.

One of the latest additions to the MoyaRuiz portfolio, the DimMak uses an Ecuador Habano wrapper, dual binders from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, and aged long fillers also from these two countries to achieve its highly complex, medium to full bodied profile. This Asian and martial arts themed brand come presented in a handsome dress box featuring 10 stunning 5.00 x 54 Robusto Extra cigars. Expect a top-quality smoke oozing with mouthwatering flavors of leather, coffee, and earth, nuanced with a plethora of exotic spices that will keep your taste buds hopping!

Whichever MoyaRuiz blend that you choose, you will be rewarded with a wonderfully unique, luxury cigar smoking experience that is a testament to the outstanding cigar making skills of these three  industry legends.


Alec Bradley Maxx Connecticut

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

I always enjoy a natural or Connecticut wrapped cigar in the morning. When one of my favorite brands – Alec Bradley – Introduced their Maxx line in a Connecticut wrapper, I went out and bought a few. The only change in the blend from the original Maxx line is the wrapper. This sounded like a promising morning cigar. For the sake of the review, I paired it with water. Otherwise, I think I would pair this one with coffee.


Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Costa Rica

Filler: Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Columbia

Size: The Fix – 58 x 5

Price: Around $6.09


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had a smooth appearance, with minimal veins or seams. The smell of the wrapper was almost non existent, while the foot had a slight tobacco odor. The cigar had a few soft spots when squeezed, but it was nothing of concern. The pre-light draw was free, with a sweet natural tobacco taste.

The burn required a few minor corrections in the second third, and the ash held for about two inches.



The first third had very common and basic flavors you’d expect to find in a Connecticut wrapped cigar. There was a hint of earthiness way in the background. In front of that was an almost buttery feel and taste. Up next were toasty notes. Smoke volume was plentiful and thick.


As I got into the second third, the smoke took on a creamy feel. At the same time, it kept a toasty feel and taste. The buttery notes remained just like in the last third, and coated the lips and tongue. When passing smoke through the nose, it was easier to detect the earthy flavors along with a very mild peppery spice. Everything was mild and nice…


The last third didn’t offer any new flavors. The body crept into the medium range, but otherwise nothing changed from the second third.



This was a good mild to medium bodied cigar. While it didn’t offer anything unique or special, it was still a solid Connecticut wrapped cigar that I could fit into my morning routine. I give it a thumbs up.

Alec Bradley – Vice Press

Monday, May 31st, 2010


Ed and I continue putting Alec Bradley cigars to the test over at The Stogie Review. The Vice Press starts off in the medium bodied range, but slowly builds into a full bodied, rich smoke. The flavors are pretty basic but have some interesting nuances. This is a cigar that requires you to set some time aside and relax.

In this 24 minute review, we pick this cigar apart while having some small talk. Overall I think Alec Bradley has another winner with the Vice Press.

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Alec Bradley Tempus

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

It’s that time again. Ed and I are back at The Stogie Review, and this time we take a look at the Alec Bradley Tempus. This is one of my favorite cigars, if not my all time favorite. The flavors are rich yet subtle and easy to miss if you don’t pay attention.

Take a look at our thoughts in this 21 minutes video review of the Alec Bradley Tempus.

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Alec Bradley Special Blend

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Once again I found myself at the Habana Cigar Shop running the show. Standard disclaimer – This is a crude review in terms of video and audio quality. I threw it together using a MacBook webcam.

The Alec Bradley Special Blend is a decent mild bodied cigar. For me, it is a good fit for the morning with coffee. If you are in the market for a cheap, mild, yet decent cigar, my thoughts are below in this 8 minute video review.

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Alec Bradley Prensado

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

In this months visit to The Stogie Review, Ed and I take a look at the Alec Bradley Prensado. There isn’t a lot I can say except that this is a must try. Overall the Prensado had a very balanced and refined flavor profile. This is one of Ed’s top picks of 2009, which I can’t argue with. See what we though in this 23 minute video cigar review.

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Alec Bradley Vice Press

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

It is no secret… I’m a big Alec Bradley fan. When I came across the Vice Press at The Cigar Loft, I thought is was simply another release of the Maxx. I was wrong. It is a completely new blend and line of cigars. I was forced to pick a couple up to review. I paired with water and offer you my thoughts…


Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Costa Rica

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico

Size: 5 x 64

Price: Around $7.00


Pre-smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had virtually no flaws, and only a couple medium veins. The smell coming from the wrapper and foot reminded me of a barn complete with a tinge of poo. The pre-light draw was free, almost too free, and had a flavor that reminded me of the wrapper odor. An earthy, barn type of aroma. When I squeezed the cigars entire length, it wasn’t firm, but wasn’t spongy either. A few soft spots were noticed, but nothing I would see as a concern.

The ash held for just about one inch. It was flowery and flakey, so I didn’t trust it too much. I had to do a few burn corrections in the first two thirds.



The first third started with earthy notes in the first few draws. After about 1/4 an inch in, the flavor profile opened up. Coffee seemed to be the dominant flavor, with a dry cocoa coming in second place. The earthy flavors pretty much went away.


The second third saw an increase of mocha flavors and at times it overtook the coffee. A nice nuttiness entered the flavor profile. At times it was very obvious, and other times it was elusive. A very slight sweet spice was noticed when passing the smoke through the sinus.


The last third crept into the full bodied range. At times the mocha was heavy, with thick chocolaty flavors. At other times, coffee was the dominant flavor. And again… Other draws saw strong nutty flavors. Basically these three flavors took turns at being the leader. The sweet spice almost went away. It became very subtle.



This was a very good medium to full bodied cigar. The other Vice Press I smoked had a tad too loose of a draw, but this one was OK since I put a smaller cut in the head. Despite the burn corrections, I enjoyed this cigar. Although this isn’t my favorite Alec Bradley release, I think it is worth trying and seems to be worth the money.

Alec Bradley Vice Press

Sunday, November 29th, 2009



Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Costa Rica

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico

Size: 5 x 64

Price: Around $7.00


Pre-smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had virtually no flaws, and only a couple medium veins. The smell coming from the wrapper and foot reminded me of a barn complete with a tinge of poo. The pre-light draw was free, almost too free, and had a flavor that reminded me of the pre-light draw. An earthy, barn type of aroma. When I squeezed the cigars entire length, it wasn’t firm, but wasn’t spongy either. A few soft spots were noticed, but nothing I would see as a concern.



Alec Bradley Family Blend

Monday, September 28th, 2009

While Jerry is on a short leave from The Stogie Review tending to the new arrival in his family, Matt and I are attempting to fill in for him. I’m only posting the review here at for archive reasons.

See what we thought of the Alec Bradley Family blend. This review is featured at The Stogie Review, don’t forget to visit by clicking HERE.

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Site Updates and Cigar Event

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Alec Don’t forget this Friday, July 17th, 6PM – 9PM is the Alec Bradley Cigar tasting event. This event will be held at St. Pete Pipe & Cigars. For more info, click HERE!

I’ve been on an Alec Bradley kick these days. We will see if I go through with buying a box of the Tempus or not. This is my favorite Alec Bradley cigar at the moment. On another note…


A few of you have been asking what Ed and I are reviewing next. After some debate, we decided on the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo. As always, the review will be featured on The Stogie Review as well as here.


Our next “Quick Smoke With Ed & Tom” review will most likely be the Victor Sinclair Bohemian Buddha in the small size of 4.5 X 36.

Contests… Duque is sponsoring a giveaway of a box of cigars. I’m also working with Cheap Humidors and hopefully will finalize a contest very soon.

Stay tuned!

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