Alec Bradley Vice Press

It is no secret… I’m a big Alec Bradley fan. When I came across the Vice Press at The Cigar Loft, I thought is was simply another release of the Maxx. I was wrong. It is a completely new blend and line of cigars. I was forced to pick a couple up to review. I paired with water and offer you my thoughts…


Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Costa Rica

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico

Size: 5 x 64

Price: Around $7.00


Pre-smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had virtually no flaws, and only a couple medium veins. The smell coming from the wrapper and foot reminded me of a barn complete with a tinge of poo. The pre-light draw was free, almost too free, and had a flavor that reminded me of the wrapper odor. An earthy, barn type of aroma. When I squeezed the cigars entire length, it wasn’t firm, but wasn’t spongy either. A few soft spots were noticed, but nothing I would see as a concern.

The ash held for just about one inch. It was flowery and flakey, so I didn’t trust it too much. I had to do a few burn corrections in the first two thirds.



The first third started with earthy notes in the first few draws. After about 1/4 an inch in, the flavor profile opened up. Coffee seemed to be the dominant flavor, with a dry cocoa coming in second place. The earthy flavors pretty much went away.


The second third saw an increase of mocha flavors and at times it overtook the coffee. A nice nuttiness entered the flavor profile. At times it was very obvious, and other times it was elusive. A very slight sweet spice was noticed when passing the smoke through the sinus.


The last third crept into the full bodied range. At times the mocha was heavy, with thick chocolaty flavors. At other times, coffee was the dominant flavor. And again… Other draws saw strong nutty flavors. Basically these three flavors took turns at being the leader. The sweet spice almost went away. It became very subtle.



This was a very good medium to full bodied cigar. The other Vice Press I smoked had a tad too loose of a draw, but this one was OK since I put a smaller cut in the head. Despite the burn corrections, I enjoyed this cigar. Although this isn’t my favorite Alec Bradley release, I think it is worth trying and seems to be worth the money.

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