Beyond Unacceptable

As you know, I generally like to keep things happy and light-hearted on this happening little bloggy I create for your reading pleasure. Cigars are what we all have in common, and sometimes I yak about my favorite stogies and sometimes it’s about the trials and tribulations we all go through in life. But today, I’m particularly dismayed at what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico as an ecological disaster of catastrophic proportions looms in the Cajun seas.

BPUnless you just crawled out from under a rock the size of Rosie O’donnell’s lunch box, British Petroleum has an oil-rig in the waters south of the Louisiana coastline and it won’t stop spewing thick, black toxic crude oil into the water … for 35 days. That’s right, thirty-five Gulf Oil Spill Inspectionsdays have gone by since the disaster began and BP has done jack-shit to stop it. Oh, yeah they’ve tried, blah, blah, blah, meanwhile the slick is growing by the mile and finally the coastline is in massive danger – and after that, the Florida and Texas coastlines and all sea life and water fowl in general.

How the living hell does something like this actually happen. And maybe a better question is: Why can’t they stop it?

Louisiana+Governor+Bobby+Jindal+Speaks+Washington+AxM2hv8NisclLouisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal is in Defcon 5 freak mode, and who can blame the guy. He’s ordering sandbag walls to be built along the entire coast of his state and I think if he meets up with any BP executives, there’s gonna be a good old Cajun ass-kickin’ the likes of the world has never seen.

I listened to an exec from BP on several morning shows today and when asked what his confidence is that they will have this under control, on a one thru ten scale, his answer was a six or a seven. Holy oil covered pelicans – that is NOT the answer the world wanted/needed to hear. If this slick spreads as predicted, a great number of industries 853-19_OILSPILL_8_MCT.embedded.prod_affiliate.56will be decimated to the tune of billions of dollars. Fishing, shrimping, vacation and tourism will be the harrowing victims of this gaping sludge monster. And who knows how long the poisons effects will wreak havoc on an ecosystem spanning a possible thousands of miles wide.

Another thing Governor Jindal is pissed at is: Where the hell is help from President Obama? We’re talking 35 days man. What the hell is talking so damned long to act? Our government needs to be way up British Petroleum’s bum and taking heads along the way. How could more than a month go by without any type of reasonable solution?

1.Head.up.ass copyNow people are asking why there wasn’t some sort of emergency disaster plan put in place in case a meltdown like this were to ever occur? BP isn’t giving any answers and the worst-case scenario is that they don’t have any to give.

Like I said, this isn’t my usual type of piece here on the blog, but the trickle down effect of this event will effect all of us greatly and sometimes you just have to shake your noggin in massive disbelief at the grotesque and careless stupidity that resides in this world we cohabitate in.

Okay  we’re all terribly pissed off and the ramifications are staggering. If there isn’t anything you can directly do to help, I say light up your favorite cigar, try to relax and thank your maker for everything you have. I still say that it’s a damned good world we live in – when others don’t f@#k it up for us.

Peace, out.

Tommy Z.

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