Cain F

1CainF It’s all the rage – The Cain. I’ve reviewed the Habano and Maduro version of this cigar. At the moment, what remains to be reviewed by me is the Cain “F.” Thanks to Barry at, I have some details. The F stands for Fuerte. The F series differs in the amount of Ligero the cigar contains. The maduro Cain has 77% ligero, while the F has 82 percent. They come in boxes of 5, and are distributed to resellers as 1) Giveaway’s to those who buy a box, or 2) to sell. I picked up my F’s at Tampa Humidor for $25.00. Although I thought the Cain was decent, I wouldn’t consider buying an entire box. Anyway… I paired up with water, and offer you my thoughts on the Cain Habano “F.”


Wrapper: Fuerte – Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua (Jalapa, Condega, Esteli)

Size: 5 x 50

Price: Around $25.00 for a box of 5


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

The wrapper had an overall nice appearance, with a couple medium to small sized veins and no construction flaws. The cigar was a little spongy when squeezed, but bounced back when released. The wrapper had a strong woody odor, and the foot smelled of cedar and pepper. The pre-light draw was free, and had earthy woody flavors.

The burn required two minor touch ups, and the ash held for at least an inch. Construction was great.


On to the part of the review that really matters… Flavor:

The first third opened up with pepper, pepper, and some spicy pepper. It wasn’t overwhelming, and despite packing a nicotine punch, there was no harshness. As the first third came to a close, woody notes entered the picture.


The second third picked up in strength a bit. There wasn’t a lot to speak of in the flavor department. The flavors were in this order: 1) Peppery spice 2) wood 3) Occasional sweetness. That’s it.


The pepper calmed down a bit in the last third, but certainly didn’t go away. I guess it just became a little mellower and smoother. The woody component remained, as did the occasional sweet spice. The smoke feel became thicker and coated the mouth. This third was the most enjoyable for me.



Obviously this is a full bodied, full strength cigar. Like my other reviews of the Cain, this was pretty much exactly like my review of the Cain Habano. Although the flavors were good, and the cigar tasted refined, I still think the focus is on strength over flavor. Personally, I prefer flavor over strength, whether it be a mild or full bodied cigar. If this sounds like something you’d like, by all means pick up a few Cain cigars now. Personally, I’d take a LaFlor Dominicana Double Ligero over any Cain. Oh – Incase you are wondering… Like the other Cain reviews, I did smoke this on an empty stomach and had no sickness at all. Just a pretty good nicotine buzz. Buyer beware!

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