Camacho Limited Harvest

I have no idea where or when I obtained the cigar for today’s review. All I know is, I put them in the “To be reviewed” humidor. The only hype I could find about the Limited Harvest relates to the wrapper. Apparently it is made from “A new strain of tobacco grown on the Eiroa’s farm in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras.” Hence the name “Limited Harvest.” I filled my cup of water and got to reviewing…


Wrapper: Honduras

Binder/Filler: Honduras

Size: Toro 5.75 x 52

Price: 6 – $8.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

2CamachoLimitedHarvestThe first thing I noticed is how lumpy the wrapper looked, and how light the cigar felt. It wasn’t ugly but I’ll say it was rugged looking. When I squeezed the cigar from head to foot, I found it to be very spongy. Sniffing the wrapper reminded me of grass with a tinge of poo. The foot had the opposite mixture, first up was poo, with grass right behind it. The pre-light draw was very free, and tasted like simple sweet earthy tobacco.


The burn required quite a few corrections, and I didn’t trust the ash when it would get to just under an inch. The loose roll caused the flakey ash.




The first third opened up with a simple, smooth earthy flavor. I found nice peppery notes when passing the smoke through the sinus. The smoke took on a somewhat creamy feel that coated the mouth.


The second third held that smooth earthiness with an addition of a woody component. The smoke kept that thick feel with an added sweetness. The pepper mellowed out, losing some of its punch. A slight nuttiness entered the picture, and mixed with the other flavors nicely. I felt parched and found myself drinking a lot of water.


I found myself drinking lots of water during this third as well. The smoke feel was dry yet thick with no creaminess. Woody and nutty flavors dominated the flavor profile. The earthy notes were still there, but fell back in intensity. There was a touch of sweetness mixed in as well, I just couldn’t pin a flavor with it.



This was a decent medium bodied cigar. I wasn’t wowed by any means, but I wasn’t let down either. My only complaints were with in the construction department, although it wasn’t extremely bad. My final verdict… Give the Camacho Limited Harvest a try.

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