Corona Cobras

While browsing the Corona Cigar Company in Orlando one day, I came across the cigar up for review today. It looks like it is exclusive to Corona. A standard culebra cigar is basically 3 cigars woven together. They are then taken apart and smoked individually. A quick story about culebra cigars… Apparently back in the day, cigar rollers were allowed to roll X amount of cigars for themselves during a shift. They started rolling 3 cigars into one in order to triple the amount of free sticks. Makes sense. Back to the Cobra…

The Corona Cobras has the standard three cigars woven together, but at the head they become one pre-clipped spot. I can only assume this means the cigar is to be smoked without disassembly. Without further ado, I paired up with the usual glass of water and got to the review.


Wrapper/Binder/Filler: ???

Size: 6 x 32

Price: $7.50


Pre-smoke & Construction:

Overall, the cigar(s) looked rugged. The double wrappers looked interesting. Obviously the cigars were a little spongy, but not too bad. When I sniffed the wrappers and feet, I picked up sweet honey. The pre-light draw was free, and had a sweet honey and earthy taste.

The burn required no corrections. All 3 cigars stayed even with each other. This was a quick burner, taking about an hour to smoke. All three ashes held strong for about an inch. Construction wasn’t bad at all.



The first third began with a simple, somewhat mild earthy flavor. This developed into a mild sweetness that I couldn’t find a name for. It almost reminded me of the pre-light inspection. It had a strange honey-ish tinge to it, but not like in a flavored cigar.


The second third again had dominant earthy notes. The sweetness picked up in terms of strength, but not very much. It still held that honey-ish tone. In essence, nothing really changed.


The last third pretty much continued the exact same path as the previous two thirds. The only change was the body went into the lower medium range. Really, there is nothing more to add.



This is a novelty cigar for sure. If you want to be the guy at the party with the wacky cigar, this is for you. To me the flavor profile didn’t come close to what I like. Although the taste never got bad or harsh, it left me bored. If this wasn’t such a quick burner, I wouldn’t have finished it. On a positive note, I’d have to commend the construction.

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