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The REAL Politico Agenda

On October 2nd, 2008, in only my second blog ever here at JR, I wrote the following words…

“Career politicians are scum. They are liars, thieves, scoundrels, and whores. There isn’t a one of them that doesn’t have three sixes branded on the back of their necks. They suck up to special interest groups like the anti-tobacco lobby and do not care about lumping cigars in with cigarettes. It is time to put an end to career political stoogery. It’s time the people were heard.”

My feelings haven’t changed any since then – well, actually, my contempt for these jackass’s has grown even stronger if anything. Something is fundamentally wrong with these people – ethically, morally, and spiritually and for the life of me, corp-fat-cat2I can’t understand what motivates these dirtbags to go into this line of work. Okay, money, power, fame, prestige, yada, yada, yada. I get that. But why put your cojones on public display like that? Do they really think they are going to change the way things run in the political system? Do they really think they’re going to make things better for the people? And lastly, do they really believe that imposing more and more taxes upon the American citizens is the way we will crawl out of this economic sink-hole?

Meet David Paterson, friends. If you don’t know him, he’s the governor of New York State and he’s as blind as a goddamned bat. Now, I’m not referring to his eyesight, but yes, the man is legally blind. I was referring to his classic politico tax and spend lunacy that he has thrust upon Albany ever since his ex wing-eared, bald boss, Eliot Spitzer got caught with his hands in the nookie jar. Patterson proposed a tax for New York state on all soda, juice, and candy products – anything with sugar. Of course the lobbies for these industries went ballistic and Patterson took a verbal beatdown for his blatant idiocy. But now dumbass Dave needs a “fix New York quick solution”, so the state has passed a tobacco tax increase that will raise the all ready horribly high tax rate from 46% to a smothering 75%. And to make matters worse, this clown initially proposed a 90% increase.

TaxingTheCarry copyNow I don’t smoke cigarettes and I don’t care for them, but a pack in New York is going to be around $12. But what I do care for are cigars, and the increase to 75% is going to put a hurt on the state’s retailers like nothing they have ever felt before. Let’s put it this way…. You Mr. cigar lover can sit in front of your computer, press a few keys, and purchase a $150 box of your favorite stoagies for – yes $150. But come August 1st, walk into a tobacco store in New York State and try to purchase a $150 box of cigars and the cost will be $262.50. So, I ask the ridiculous question… where would you choose to buy your precious smokes? While it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure this out, it seems that New York’s clueless leader doesn’t understand simple economics. It’s very easy to digest dopey Dave… people will either log onto the internet or purchase their premium handrolled cigars out of state. When this happens, the State of New York will not collect the tax revenues that you thought it would. And to make things infinitely worse, cigar & tobacco retailers in New York will see a massive decline in sales, forcing many or most out of business. You will destroy small business across the state and not make up for the state’s deficit in the least. You will hurt New York. Mr. Patterson, and for the rest of you boneheaded legislators of the Empire State, I ask you… if everyone else can see this to be the truth, why the hell can’t you?

2002-01-03Ah, and now for the REAL truth…

The answer… because politicians WANT to eradicate smoking all together. THAT ladies and germs is the real agenda. You heard it from Tommy Z. These politico jackals pander heavily for votes and to the anti-smoking lobby, and they know quite well that raising taxes to the point where no one will be able to afford to purchase tobacco products is what gets them elected. There is no doubt in my mind that THIS is the method to their sickening madness as we just pull down our trousers, bend over the closest desk or chair and take it firmly in the place it hurts the most (Sans lubricant, of course.).

And may I just note… isn’t it funny that that most of these fat cat politico bastids smoke cigars? WTF…right? Uh-huh.

041509_TaxDayTeaParty_04_t_w600_h1200So, what’s the answer? Well, preventing this, years before it happened was the real answer, but the cigar industry waited WAY TOO long and then reacted in a panic when Pelosi and the Hildbeast got the SCHIP bill in place. I think the only real thing left to do is to scream aloud, take to the streets and create complete and utter anarchy. Guys, if you think this stops at tobacco, YOU’RE WRONG. Our freedoms are being stripped away at an alarming pace and the only real question we can ask is… WHAT’S NEXT? Soda, red meat, liquor… when tobacco is eradicated the government will go after the next thing then the next, then the next. This isn’t about cigars, people, it’s about the preservation of our society – a society that is being gagged and bound by the unholy agenda of the political correct.

In closing, one day after Independence Day, I challenge YOU to grow a pair and make some real noise. Oh… okay… so you shake your head and say that you think it won’t help? Then fine… turn around, drop ‘em and take it like a man, bro. Personally, I’d rather go out kicking and screaming with my dignity in tact, clutching to the rights that our forefathers fought and died for.

Give these bastards bloody f@#king hell.

Tommy Z.

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