JR Bike Night – Metal Chrome & Testosterone

The good people here at JR are always doing the coolest things, like in-store appearances from cigar masters and Playboy bunnies, the upcoming Meadowlands Madness horse racing barbeque (coming in ten days, June 24) and the incredibly popular JR Classic Cars and Bike nights. Well it was the hogs that were out in full-force this past Friday, as bikers and their roaring machines showed up in droves at the JR Cigars store in Whippany, NJ.

downsized_0611001903aThe camaraderie was unparalleled and I don’t think you’ll ever meet a nicer crowd of people anywhere. They come from all over the northeast, filling the parking lot with their two-wheeled pride and joys (and some three wheelers, too.) Motorcycles of every make, model and size line the pavement as a live rock downsized_0611001903band plays and the hotdogs and burgers char on the open grill. And of course, the luscious scent of burning premium tobacco wafts gently through the early evening air. Guys. It just doesn’t get any more festive than this.

It was a gorgeous late spring, blue-sky evening as a venerable smorgasbord of metal and chrome continued to file in. Some of the most insane custom build’s garnered the ooo’s and ah’s from the onlookers as the appreciation for ingenuity, art, and craftsmanship was mutual amongst the crowd. And I personally was just blown away by the work and detail that goes into some of these spectacular rides.

Cycle.5The diversity and mix of people is a thing of beauty, as dudes from every walk of life show off their wares to the attendees. Sure, there are your longhaired leather clad bas-asses who live this everyday, but there are also a good number of corporate types and weekend warriors who let their wild-sides come out to play Chopper.3at a gathering such as this. And of course, the biker chicks are there as well, donning the leather mini’s and tight tops with some occasional low-hanging fruit to give the boys something other to look at. I’m telling you, these people are great and if the event went until eight o’clock the next morning, almost every one of them would still be there, drinking coffee, and telling tales of their treks across the U.S. countryside.

Chooper.4I personally don’t ride, but my mid-life crisis side has really yearned to for the past ten years or so. There’s something very primal about a motorcycle that causes a man to grunt like and ape, longing for a ride with his buddies. The open air and open road, nothing but you and the girthy machine beneath you – I totally get it. In a sense it’s that feeling when you’re cigar smoking outside, just Zman Bike.a.72you and your happy stick and nothing else in the world matters at that time and place. Plus I’m big on camaraderie and motorcycle riding has got to be the ultimate in testosterone production. So when you come to JR Bike night and match the biking experience with premium hand-rolled cigars, there is literally nothing that can surpass the feeling of smoking your favorite stoag along with a V-Twin rumbling between your thighs.

Here’s the link for remaining 2010 bike & car shows at JR in Whippany, NJ…


  • All shows 6-10pm
  • Grillin’ and Chillin’ outside until 8pm cooking up burgers and dogs
  • Beer Specials in the bar and lounge
  • Free to spectators and car/bike owners

Don’t miss these exciting and fun events!  Our friendly staff looks forward to seeing you there!

Ride with the wind and the smoke, my brothers.

Tommy Z.

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