JR Cigar Tube with Nathan & the Zman is Here!

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of politicians – especially the lanky, wing-eared nerd in the Whitehouse. So to make our relationship just a bit more off kilter, the president goes ahead and upstages two of the biggest announcements in the history of my career with JR Cigars. The guy really does have amazing timing along with some really serious nerve – Really.

JRCigarTube.ComingToday, is indeed a most momentous occasion for all fans of JR CIGARS as we have launched the inaugural episode of JR Cigar Tube with Nathan & the ZMan! It’s a cigar show on the web that will entertain and interact with the audience, answering your tobacco laden questions, and of course yak uncontrollably about the world we all love and adore… CIGARS, CIGARS, CIGARS, CIGARS!!!

UnknownMy partner and co-host, Mr. Steve Nathan is the corporate training manager at JR and is a true guru when it comes to finely aged premium smokes. But he’s also a brutally neurotic wanker who has more serious issues than Time magazine. He’s the corporate shill in the relationship, always the good company man, trying to say and do the right thing. And me, I’m pretty much his antithesis… yelling, getting pissed & vinegared and standing up for the cigar fans everywhere. The dude has little patience for my psycho ranting behavior and refuses to share a dressing room with me. This is truly a match made in hell, and if we don’t end up killing each other, we just might end up with a pretty damned good show. We might even just maim one another which certainly makes good fodder for you reality geeks!

So you know, every episode of the show is broken into three short video clips running in the three and a half to five minute range. Each week, each particular episode will air  Part one on Monday morning, part two on Wednesday morning, and part three on Friday mornings, which makes an entire show about 12 – 15 minutes in total. The simple fact is that hard research shows that generally after 5 minutes or less, viewers brains completely shut down and mindlessly move onto something else. Since we really don’t want that to happen, we want you to visit three times a week and join in on the mayhem.

Now our little cigar video show is meant to be interactive – meaning that we want to hear from you, the fans! We want you to air your questions, comments, concerns, or whatever is on your mind about the world of cigars, and we’ll address it on the show. Talk to us, write to us on FaceBook, and let us know what’s on your mind! With the taxes and anti smoking zealots out there dominating the world and trying to take our passion away, we need to collectively stand up and fight the good fight. We’re all in this together and hopefully Steve and I can be a voice of reason (wow, that’s kind of an oxy moron – Nathan & Zman, voices of reason) for the cigar smoking wariors of the world. We are truly the puro patriots at your service.

Picture 7And Another Thing…

The new JR CIGARS Catalog has just launched so expect it in the mail anytime real soon, or download a pdf of it off the home page of the JR website. I am particularly excited about the catalog as yours truly now has a feature column in the back of every issue, entitled: What Really Roasts My Robusto, a collection of ZMan rants, both positive and negative, about the crazy and ever changing world of premium cigars! Of course there are a ton of amazing cigars and some seriously great specials on many of your favorite sticks!

So I ask you to do a few things…

1. Check into the new show 3 days a week

2. Join the YouTube page

3. Click the LIKE button on every episode

4. Post a comment or ask us questions on the YouTube or FaceBook page! Let’s get interactive because we really want to her from you!

Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the support.


Tommy Z . JR Cigars Blog With the Zman

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