Tell Me Whether It’s Smoking Weather!

You know, I bitched like a mutha during the winter and early spring about all the hell weather we were having during the end of winter/early spring. But now it’s finally what I refer to as CIGAR SMOKING WEATHER.

seasons-treeBut I can’t get over how weird the weather really is where I live in here the north east. Two Sundays ago my it was 90 degrees at my son’s baseball game at 12-noon. Less than a week later we had frost on the grass in the morning. That’s about a 60 degree swing in a matter of days. Jesus, that’s like the movie The Day after Yesterday. People who planted flowers got hosed. I almost planted several times but the wife was right and said to wait. I always thought it was nice that we experience all four seasons, but as one grows older, the winter really gets on your nerves and sucks more and more. I definitely understand the snowbird mentality… late spring, summer, and early fall in the north and winter in the south. I would definitely like to do that one day – hopefully before I’m walking around in orange Crocs and Depends hanging from my ass, 24/7.

We have people from very different climates all over North America who read this blog. Cotty Gee and my pal, Larry Winget are in Arizona where it’s brutal during the day but I hear often very nice at night. Roadlizard is from Houston where hot and humid is the deal. I visited there one September and you could cut the air with a hatchet. My pal Bubba is from Orlando area, but originally lived in Virginia, then New Jersey by me. That’s some different weather patterns. Darren from Detroit is from… duh. Cold winters and definitely a snowbird candidate. Lucie is from Quebec and she says the hottest it ever gets is in the 80’s for a few weeks. Wow, I couldn’t hack that at all. Can anyone guess where Hawaiian Brian is from? I can’t imagine that weather all year long. Your first Christmas under palm trees in a flowered shirt must be weird. Of course I have several of my Jersey brothers here who can certainly attest to the weirdness in the Jersey air.

But make no mistake, mid-May is supreme cigar smoking weather and I am taking full advantage of this wondrous time. I am lighting up like a demon and even sneaking a robusto during lunch. I’m just joensing like a psycho and craving the taste of premium aged tobacco in a most intense way! I generally smoke one per day in the nice weather, and several a day on the weekends. I think it’s my way of rebelling for hardly smoking at all during the winter time.

Now yesterday I smelled cigar smoke wafting throughout my neighborhood only to find out that my buddies across the street were toking Monte Cubans and NOBODY FRIGGIN TELLS ME?!!! My one neighbor, Joe is Cuban and gets boxes of Habanos from his buddies… but does he tell the Zman… his neighbor who writes about cigars for a god damned living?  NOOOOOOO! WHAT the HELL, MAN!!! I’m like the village cigatophile and I don’t get a courtesy call? Come on, I cry foul! Yeah, I’m a damned baby about that stuff. I mean, if you’re smoking in my vicinity, I expect a phone call and an invite. I’m a real territorial weirdo when it comes to that and I pout like a friggin tard if I get left out of a local evening herf.

So tell me about the weather by you and what you’ve been smoking. I’ve been indulging in Frank Llaenza 1961’s and savoring them like the premium handrolled sticks that they are! Really Enjoying Drew’s Liga Privada #9’s and T-5s’s. Steve Saka did a hell of a job with those two. I’m devouring those puppies like candy. Of course I’m pounding JR Ultimate Maduros in between. Gotta have some balance in your life, right?

So enjoy this mid-spring weather and toke your long-filler happy stick of choice. But if you’re within 500 miles and I don’t get a courtesy call, you’ll be hearing about it in next week’s blog!

Take care til next week my smoking buddies,

Tommy Z.


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