We the People Have Spoken… Again

I generally don’t like to talk politics on this blog because while we are all brothers of the leaf, our political differences can drive us apart and cause infighting amongst friends. But this past week we saw an election day blood bath occur before our very eyes, sending a message loud and clear to politicos everywhere that we will not stand for your vile and viscous crap any longer. It’s still OUR country and WE the PEOPLE will have the final say EVERY single time.

we-the-peopleI have made it pretty clear over the past 3 years writing this blog, no matter what party they stand for, I believe that ALL fulltime, career politicians are evil scum – true to life gutter-snipes who are without question, the lowest of the low. And even though I do vote for scum (because that’s all there is to choose from), I generally choose who I feel is slightly less malevolent. When Obama was voted in, the people spoke – they wanted nothing to do with a government run by the same party that associated with George Walker Bush. “Change” was the new mantra and the country thought there was new hope. But now two years have passed and our nation’s economy is in a brutal mess as 70% of people surveyed in the exit polls said that our economic situation was by far the number one thing on their mind while standing behind the curtain.

CorruptPolitician31About a month prior to President Obama’s election in ‘08, Nancy Pelosi stated that one of the very first things she would do when he was elected was to have him sign the SCHIP bill – a bill that would subsequently put a massive hurt on the already tax burdened cigar industry. President Bush had vetoed the bill a number of times, pointing out its flaws and points of contention. And was it ever a proud moment for the Speaker of the House as she grinned ear to ear, while as promised, placing the papers before her new Commander in Chief. And it was an even prouder moment for the American people this past week who sent a message LOUD AND CLEAR to Ms. Pelosi that she would soon be the ex-Speaker of the House. I ask you – shouldn’t her first real priorities have been to work hard at fixing our broken mess?

If you think I’m standing up for Bush, you are sadly mistaken. He let a lot of bad mierde take place and the American people sure as hell let him know it. And now, 24 months later, unemployment, housing, healthcare, and all kinds of other ugly problems have no upside in sight and the CHANGE that was promised was obviously the classic political rhetoric that WE the PEOPLE have been used to hearing for more than two centuries. In George Washington’s final speech at the end of his term as President, he warned about the inherent dangers of only having a two-party system to choose from. Thomas Jefferson also warned about big government’s intrusiveness as he strongly spoke against allowing career politicians to exist in our landscape.

In one of my very first ever blog posts here, I called for a voting booth button that simply said, “None of the Above.”  How shocked would the slimy lifetime politicos be to see the results that such an action would produce. But since that isn’t an option, we do have to choose a candidate and there is no question that the elections of ’08 and ’10 have sent a message with a deafening and thunderous scream. The people of Minnesota told Jim ‘Porky’ Oberstar of Minnesota to take his 18 straight elected terms and go the f@#k home by electing Chip Cravaack, a total new comer to politics! 18 straight terms as a career pork barrel producing blowhard is long enough, and as all across the nation this past week, WE the PEOPLE had spoken. Hey, I swear to you that I’m not gloating or taking any kind of pride in what happened this past week, because the U.S. citizens were voting for the lesser of two evils. Independents ruled the roost this time out and that will certainly continue to happen, and the politico stooges of this country simply need to do one thing: Do WTF they say said they were going to do.

All any of us BOTL’s can really do is enjoy a fine premium, hand rolled cigar. And hey, may I suggest a flavorful beaut…

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That’s it for today, enjoy the week and somoke ‘em cuz ya gottem,

Tommy Z

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